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Attractive woman with basketball, apparently in a Vent Cap Systems logoed tee shirt

I'm not going to lie.  I've tried, more times than I'd like to admit, to sit down and learn how to code.  That's right, "How to Program a Computer."  After all, how hard could it be?  You hear about kids starting businesses all the time. . .  More locally, we've got Michael Dell and Whitney Wolfe, known for starting Dell Computers, Inc. and Bumble.  He's a billionaire and she's reportedly worth almost $300 Million! 

As it turns out, it's a hell of a lot harder than I thought.  But, thanks to 10+ years selling Vent Caps and Duct Blasters­®, I've learned a few tricks that make it easier, and that's what I think I like best about the internet.

"The Promise"

It's like a little digital America.  A place where anyone - no matter their background, race, sexual orientation or religion - can potentially become a squillionaire.*  The only true limiting factor is imagination.  And we, as marketers either of ourselves or our products, are the beneficiaries.  We benefit each time a new stranger comes out with their own business interruptor.  Another case in point: placeit.net.

You've surely seen websites where you can print your own tee shirt designs, or put your mug on a coffee cup.  Well, now - thanks to the internet - we've been introduced to PlaceIt.  They've devised a way, not only to place your logo on a tee shirt - they can actually put it on the model, IN AN EXPERTLY TAKEN PHOTO.  It took no time, less than 10 minutes for sure, to create the image above and I'm pretty sure that's what got your here in the first place.  It's like those billboards that say "Does Billboard Advertising Work? - Just Did."  Before you can sell someone something, you have to be able to get their attention.  Their service is only $15/month and they have hundreds of different places you can put your logo / picture / catchy saying.  Check out their site . . . 


*I've heard my English girlfriend say this word a million times.  I'm incredulous it is an actual word.


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