Retrotec DM32x - Dual Channel Touchscreen Manometer

  • $ 1,999.00

DM32X - The Next Generation

Nearly a decade ago, Retrotec's DM32 revolutionized the industry as the first manometer with smart capabilities, wireless connectivity, and a touch screen interface. It quickly became an industry favorite for its accuracy, durability, and ease-of-use.

Now, we're excited to introduce their DM32X - re-engineered with all-new technology, features, and abilities. While still retaining the ergonomic design and color-coded ports of the original, the DM32X takes air tightness testing and building diagnostics to a whole new level.

Experience a refreshing new testing experience that will open new doors and extend your diagnostic abilities. Get your hands on the DM32X today and see why Retrotec continues to lead the industry in innovative home performance testing equipment.

New Features

  • Beautiful 5.5" 1080P HD OLED display with Gorilla Glass capacitive multi-touch.
  • A thinner, more ergonomic shell design.
  • Real-time graphic display of pressure readings over time. Taking pressure points is one thing, being able to see what’s happening tells you a more accurate story.
  • Multiple datalogging options.
  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP) improves pressure reading stability.
  • Fast 3A charging & data transfer on USB-C Long range (10m) Bluetooth® connectivity.
  • Built-in testing and training apps. Run rCloud auto testing software natively.
  • Embedded & online manuals, videos, & resources.
  • Operate and read competing fans.
  • Photorealistic images of all devices and ranges.

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