TEC COMBO - Blower Door, Duct Blaster, and Vent Caps

  • $ 8,199.00

The Energy Conservatory Combo has all the blower door test equipment you'll need with a Minneapolis Blower Door with a DG-1000, AND a Minneapolis Duct Blaster - with an additional DG-1000 digital gauge - to perform duct pressure testing AND a 21 piece Vent Cap Total Home Pack to make sure you're not wasting expensive duct mask / grill mask.  The combo comes with all the associated carrying cases, umbilicals, and attachments you'd receive if you purchased each item individually.  That's a LOT of duct pressure testing equipment, and blower door test equipment - altogether - for one low, low price. 

You have a lot of choices of where to buy your equipment - your business is appreciated.  As such, you won't find this deal anywhere else.

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