New Size - Grill Mask - 4 Roll Pack (8" x 160' / roll)

  • $ 125.00

Looking for a register sealing tape that will stay put and save you time? Look no further than Retrotec's Grill Mask! With its superior sticking power, you'll get frustrated less and get the job done faster. And with a wider 12" x 160' size and 6" perforations, it's perfect for sealing larger return grills.

Whether you're testing enclosures, houses, or duct work, Retrotec's Grill Mask is the ideal choice. Its self-adhesive design comes in a convenient perforated roll for easy use in the field, no matter what equipment you're using.

Not only is Grill Mask a valuable tool for residential air leakage testers, it can also be used to test duct sealant efficiency and overall duct performance. Pair it with one of our Duct Testing Systems for a streamlined testing process!

And don't forget about our Grill Mask Dispensers! Hang them up and easily pull sheets off as needed for even more convenience.

Tired of taping? 

Vent Cap Systems

Vent Caps are the 100% reusable, adhesive free alternative.

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