The Return Air System - Seal A Return Air Grille In Under A Minute

  • $ 200.00

Sealing HVAC systems for duct leakage testing has long been a cumbersome and time consuming task.  Vent Cap Systems' arrival, back in 2009, made sealing the supply side of the system twice as fast; yet the biggest pain point, in all of Home Performance Testing, remained.  Sealing a return air grill not only required using more disposable tape (Duct Mask®, Grill Seal®, Grill Mask by Retrotec, etc . . ) just due to their larger size, but you first had to tape up that red plastic round-to-square flange (black on a Duct Blaster®).  Just trying to get the right sized piece of perforated tape, from the roll hanging around your waist, was hard enough - even with the use of both hands.  Doing that - one handed - while holding the flange over your head . . . balancing on a ladder. . . trying to get it to stick to a louvred surface. . .is just cruel and unusual punishment.  That's not to mention the potential damage from adhesives pulling off paint or wallpaper, or having the whole thing come crashing down after you attach the flex duct. . .

The solution is finally here.  Compatible with a Duct Blaster® (by the Energy Conservatory™) or a Duct Tester (by Retrotec, Ltd.) the return air system takes less than a minute to seal the whole return air grill.

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