The "DET Combo"

$ 5,750.00

Duct and Envelope Tightness Testing requires specialized HVAC tools to diagnose leaky air duct systems and building structures.  

The DET Combo includes:

Duct Leakage Testing Equipment

Whether it's "total duct leakage" or "leakage to the outside" you can't do any better than a US341 DucTester and a Total Home Pack.  Retrotec's industry leading calibrated fan system pressurizes ducted HVAC systems to ensure efficiciency.  The Total Home Pack's reusable, gasketed air vent covers can seal supply vents remotely significantly reducing the need for ladders, and the waste, expense, and hassle of disposable plastic tapes and register sealing films.
Envenlope Tightness Testing Equipment
Retrotec's US5101 Blower Door is a much larger fan system that is placed in exterior doorways allowing energy auditors, HVAC technicians, and HERS Raters® to manipulate the pressure inside the entire house enabling them to find and fill any unsealed areas of a house, typically plumbing penetrations, around windows, etc...
Touch Screen Test Gauges
Two DM32 Touchscreen Test Gauges*, one for each fan system, allow you perform tasks concurrently and narrow down specific problem areas.  Available WIFI option allows you to monitor both systems at the same time, and even remotely if you're helping a tech out in the field.
Get all the home performance testing equipment seen above - the most accurate equipment in it's class - for one low price.  You won't find a lower price for this combination of equipment anywhere.  
Only $4,950 - delivered.

See Our Reusable Vent Covers In Action


*WiFi extra

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