Dow Froth Pak 120 Spray Foam Kit - 346965

$ 413.48

$ 308.00

FROTH-PAK Foam Sealant is a two-component,quick-cure polyurethane foam that fills cavities, penetrations and cracks. FROTH-PAK Foam Sealant is a chemically cured foam, significantly reducing curing time. It dispenses, expands and becomes tack-free in seconds. The product will skin over in 30-40 seconds and will cure in minutes.
Theoretical Yield (Board Feet)= 120 (0.28 m3) BASIC USE
FROTH-PAK Foam Sealant can be used in interior or exterior commercial, residential, agricultural, industrial and institutional settings. If used in an exterior setting,a coating must be applied for ultraviolet (UV) protection. Typical commercial applications include spray polyurethane foam roof repair and sealing roof perimeters and parapet walls.
Residential uses include:
  • Roof and wall junctions
  • Wall and attic penetrations
  • E lectrical, mechanical and plumbing penetrations
  • Other gaps, cracks or crevices in the building envelope



If you would like to add an optional 3M safety kit to your Froth Pak package, simply select Add 3M Safety Kit from the product options and then Add to Cart. Your selections will be reflected on the check out page.

This 3M Safety Kit Includes:

  • 3M Disposable Protective Coverall Safety Work Wear
  • 3M Tekk Protection Nitrile Gloves
  • 3M Half Facepiece Disposable Respirator Assembly, Organic Vapor/Acid Gas Respiratory Protection , Large - 5303
  • 3M Safety Splash Goggle, Clear Anti Fog Lens - 334AF