Dow Great Stuff Pro 14XL Gun - 259201

$ 150.89

$ 112.00

The Dow Pro 14XL Gun with barrel length of 40" features a lightweight, high-strength aluminum body and is used to dispense GREAT STUFF PRO family of insulating foam sealants and GREAT STUFF PRO Wall & Floor Adhesive."
All Pro Series Foam Dispensing Guns Feature:
  • Flow control knob for adjustable bead size, from 1/8" to 3" (0.3 cm to 8 cm)
  • One-hand operation for quick and easy application
  • Moisture-tight seals between the gun and the can prevents the foam from curing and blocking the dispensing valve, allowing a can to be re-used for up to one month later
  • Non-drip post dispensing, reducing foam waste and minimizing clean up.