Dow Weathermate Sill Pan 5" x 32" (Case of 25) - 360084

$ 216.58

$ 160.76

This product is sold as a case of 25 units.

WEATHERMATE Sill Pan is a translucent, molded polymer sill pan for flashing the base of windows. Its molded design features front flashing that extends approximately 3" below the rough opening sill and approximately 3" outward from the corner of the rough opening sill (as shown at right) to protect this critical area from water intrusion.
The innovative two-piece construction can be adjusted to fit most window sill widths, providing a continuous shield against water infiltration, even in sill corners.
WEATHERMATE Sill Pan is sold as a two-piece assembly that includes a right-corner piece and a left-corner piece. The integrated corner design provides another layer of protection against water intrusion. And the two pieces facilitate easy adjustment to fit most window sill widths.
WEATHERMATE Sill Pan works best when the window sill is sloped to the exterior. Shims, as recommended by window manufacturer, should be placed underneath WEATHERMATE Sill Pan. Please note that this item does NOT include the back dam.