Dow Weathermate Straight Flashing Tape 6"x 100' - 363949

$ 62.75

$ 55.50

WEATHERMATE Straight Flashing provides a tear-resistant seal that resists water intrusion around windows and doors. It is part of the complete WEATHERMATE Weather Barrier Solutions lineup from Dow - products designed to enhance the performance of the building envelope.
WEATHERMATE Straight Flashing combines a blue high-density polyethylene (HDPE) film facer with a butyl rubber adhesive that forms a strong mechanical and chemical bond to most building materials. A polymeric-coated paper release liner provides a more consistent peel than plain paper liners.
WEATHERMATE Straight Flashing contains no asphalt. The butyl rubber adhesive technology, a key component of this flashing, is considered superior to asphalt adhesives in compatibility with commonly used building envelope caulking materials, insulated and noninsulated sheathing, housewraps and window casing materials.
The instructions outlined here describe how to use WEATHERMATE Straight Flashing to flash a flanged window installed on a wall assembly consisting of housewrap over an exterior sheathing on a wood frame wall.
Step 1:
-After installing housewrap over rough window openings, make an inverted "Y" cut in the housewrap at each window.
-Fold housewrap in at jambs and sill, fastening to inside face of framing.
-At the top of each jamb, cut the housewrap 6" at a 45-degree angle. Pull up and temporarily fasten above window opening (Figure 1).
Step 2:
-Install WEATHERMATE Sill Pan according to complete manufacturer installation instructions (Figure 2). Seal overlap seam and top edge of corner pieces with WEATHERMATE Straight Flashing or WEATHERMATE Flexible Flashing. Note: WEATHERMATE Sill Pan works best when the window sill is sloped to the exterior.
-Alternatively, install a backdam and WEATHERMATE Flexible Flashing on the sill. For complete details, refer to the WEATHERMATE Flexible Flashing product/installation information sheet.
Step 3:
-Apply sealant at window jambs and head only. Or back-caulk the window, applying sealant on the back side of the nailing flange (Figure 3). Make sure sealants, housewraps and flashings are chemically compatible.
-Install window, plumb, level and square, per manufacturer instructions. Shims should be placed under WEATHERMATE Sill Pan, if necessary.
-Prepare substrate surface as necessary to ensure it is clean, dry and free of grease, dust or debris.
-A spray adhesive, such as 3M High Strength 90, is recommended if applying WEATHERMATE Flashings directly to OSB or other surfaces where additional adhesion may be required.
Step 4:
-Apply WEATHERMATE Straight Flashing along window jambs, overlapping WEATHERMATE Sill Pan or other sill flashing.
-Install a drip cap, if applicable.
-Next, install WEATHERMATE Straight Flashing along header (Figure 4).
Step 5:
-Fold housewrap flap down and secure with WEATHERMATE Construction Tape (Figure 5).
-Air seal windows around entire interior perimeter with GREAT STUFF Pro Window & Door insulating foam sealant.