Dragon Puffer | Smoke Stick | Detects Air Movement

$ 60.00

The most exciting part of getting a blower door test done on your house has to the be the "show" put on while the house is under pressure.  The Dragon Puffer emits a non-toxic wisp of smoke that shows air movement from behind electrical sockets, by poorly installed windows, and leaks of all kinds especially  CAZ testing flue drafts.

This kit comes with everything you need including a place to put it!

Spec Sheet.pdf

What's Included:

  • Dragon Puffer Air Flow Indicator
  • 3 oz Fog Fluid (approximately 50 rooms)
  • 7 AA Batteries
  • 2-in-1 Screw Driver
  • Fill Nozzle
  • 2 Cones
  • Carrying Case
  • Instructions & MSD Sheet