Grace Vycorners - Prefabricated Corners - Box of 50 Units

$ 86.00

Grace Vycorners, pre-fabricated corners for windows and doors, ensure superior protection against leaks in those areas most prone to water intrusion---the corners of windows and doors. Used in conjunction with Vycor flashings, Grace Vycorners makes the overall flashing installation faster and easier while ensuring high quality of work and fewer call backs.
Window and door leaks are a major concern for contractors and builders. To prevent water from entering the building, these critical penetration areas must be flashed properly. Corners are the most vulnerable areas of window and door systems and are rarely flashed well, if at all. Grace VYCORner offers a superior flashing solution for corners of windows and doors.
VYCORner fits any window/door design and provides superior protection against leaks.
A member of the Vycor family of flashing products, VYCORner is key component of the Grace flashing system.
VYCORner is easy to install. It saves labor and makes installation quick and easy. No special training is required. Simply follow the installation guidelines below to achieve a fast, high quality installation at no additional labor cost.
Prefabricated Corners for Windows and Doors:
  • Faster and easier flashing installation
  • Superior protection against leaks
  • Higher quality of work and fewer call backs