M-D Brown Cinch Door Seal Top and Sides (5-Piece), 42 in. - 43305

$ 17.00

Cinch Door Seal Top and Sides is a fast and easy way to save money by sealing your doors against drafts and leaks. Say goodbye to drills, screws, screwdrivers or pilot holes. Simply measure, trim, peel and stick your way to energy savings in any season. Specially developed with 3M Adhesive Technology, Cinch installs in mere minutes and lasts for years.
  • Less than 10 minute installation
  • Seals the top and sides of your door from air, dust, water and insects
  • Made with 3M adhesive technology
  • Includes (5) 42 in. pieces, providing you enough product to seal one standard door
  • Measure, trim, peel and stick