M-D Shrink and Seal Window Kit for 5 Windows, 42in. x 62in. - 04200

$ 10.00

Shrink & Seal Indoor Window Kit is installed around entire window to eliminate cold air drafts and frost build-up. Crystal clear film that is easy to install with a hair dryer that shrinks tight and wrinkle free. Creates dead air space to increase insulating R-Value up to 90%.
Easy to use
  • Apply tape around edge of window to a clean dry surface above 40°F (5°). Wait 10 minutes to apply film to tape.
  • Unfold film and trim to allow 2" overlap on all sides of window.
  • Remove protective paper from tape.
  • Press film lightly to tape along top of window, then lightly stretch film and press to tape at bottom. Do the same from one side to the other. Do not stretch film too tightly, hair dryer will stretch film.
  • Reposition film if needed to remove wrinkles.
  • Press film firmly to tape.
  • Apply more pressure for uneven surfaces.
  • With hair dryer on highest setting, pass dryer over film starting at one corner. Hold dryer 1" from film. Do not touch film with dryer. Shrink film until wrinkles disappear.
  • Trim away excess film.
For Best Results:
  • Do not apply to wallboard plaster, veneer paneling, mahogany moulding or peeling paint.
  • Remove tape and film at end of season (Heat tape with hair dryer to loosen adhesive).
Note: Minor scratches, dents and wrinkles on film surface can be "erased" by re-shrinking with hair dryer. However, re-shrinking a puncture will cause the puncture to enlarge.