M-D Standard Aluminum Door Sweep 48 inch 05413

$ 11.00

M-D Deluxe Aluminum and Vinyl Door Sweep, 48 In - 05413

The Deluxe Aluminum and Vinyl Door Sweep from M-D Building Products is perfect for sealing gaps as high as 3/4 inches. This product will help create a comfortable home environment while saving money on your energy bills. Recommended for use with smooth top thresholds or thresholds with vinyl inserts. Fasteners are included.

  • Improve the energy efficiency of your home
  • Vinyl insert sweep is weatherproof
  • Easy to install
  • Available in a variety of finishes to match your door
  • Aluminum finish

Energy loss through the bottom of doors is the most commonly addressed area to improve your home or building's seal. Sweeps are installed on the face of the door so that a seal is formed when the door is closed. These products are easily installed and need to be regularly replaced to ensure the building is insulated. M-D Building Products offers a number of different finishes and technologies to best suit your individual home sealing application.

Door sweeps on the bottom of exterior doors can help to reduce uncontrolled air infiltration, moisture, dust and insects. This heavy-duty door sweep is appropriate for use on a door that crosses a smooth floor, such as hardwood or tile. Macklanburg-Duncan door sweeps are high quality sweeps that will last for years. The door sweep has an aluminum carrier with a double flange vinyl weatherstrip, suitable for sealing gaps up to 3/4 inches between the threshold and door bottom. The carrier of this door sweep is unfinished aluminum, but may be painted. It is available in either a 36 inch or a 48 inch length, and includes screws for installation on either a wood or steel door.