New Hooks - Coming Soon?

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Coming Soon

Vent Caps currently come with injection molded, flat, polypropylene hooks.  For the last few years I've also been including an equal number of handmade, malleable, vinyl coated metal hooks.  The flat plastic ones are good, but if you pull too tightly you can rip them on a stamped grill.  I made the vinyl coated metal ones, not only for increased durability, but so that you could mold them to work with floor vents, curved blade registers, and any custom grills you might come across.

While this has been a good "fix"; I've been waiting to find one design, that's not only durable, but easily attaches to both stamped AND curved blade grills.  After beckoning arthritis, with over 10's of thousands of metal hooks made, I think I've finally created the perfect solution. 

This design still works with Pole RATs - and easily slides in between the louvres and catches an edge.  As long as there is positive downward pressure on the cord, the "hook" easily stays in place.  Then, with just a flick or two, it easily comes back out.  The new design works on both stamped and curved blade registers with ease.

While I have received enthusiastic thumbs up so far, I haven't gotten enough responses to "take the plunge" and start including them across the board.

Wanna be a beta-tester?


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