P3 Kill A Watt Usage Electricity Monitor P4400

$ 25.00

Find out which appliances are the energy abusers in your house. How much electricity does your refrigerator use?

How much does your dehumidifier use? A new energy efficient appliance may be able to pay for itself in lower electricity costs, but how will you know? Plug this device into a three-prong grounded wall outlet, plug your appliance, computer, lamp, or other electrical product into the monitor, and you'll find out how efficient (or wasteful) they really are.

On the large LCD display you'll be able to monitor the kilowatt hour consumption of an item to learn how much it costs to run. You can determine your electrical expenses by day, week, or month. You may cycle through displays including voltage (volt), amperage (amp), wattage (watt), line frequency (Hz), and power factor (VA).


  • Large LCD display
  • Cumulative Killowatt-Hour Monitor
  • Forecast Your Costs
  • Also display Volts, Amps, Watts, Hz, VA
  • 0.2% Accuracy