RCD Fin and Plenum Brush

$ 6.00

RCD Corporation's® Fin & Plenum Brush has a 2 inch wide, natural bristle, angled head, with a 14 inch long wood handle.

This long reach handle makes this brush the perfect tool for applying RCD Mastics, Adhesives, Coatings, and Sealants in those hard to reach places. Like the air handler to plenum connection - almost always tough to seal completely. This brush is reusable and can be cleaned repeatedly, but since it is low in cost it can also be disposed of when the job is finished.

The Fin & Plenum Brush and #34 Coil & Fin Cleaner make an ideal combination for cleaning A/C and refrigeration coils, permanent and electronic air filters and more. The Fin & Plenum Brush is compatible with solvent-type parts cleaners too.