Regin FP-Smoke Turbulent Smoke Pattern, Low Velocity - FP-201

$ 47.00

Regin FP-Smoke Turbulent Smoke Pattern, Low Velocity - FP-201

Note: Does NOT work with Rubber Pump (FP-300)

Regin HVAC Products, Inc. in conjunction with Smoke manufacturer Bjornax AB of Sweden are proud to introduce an eco-friendly way to dispense a non-hazardous smoke and dispensing system that provides a realistic, lighter than air smoke.

Ideal for the air balancing industry the energy conservation industry, smoke and fire prevention, special effects, and anywhere you need just the right amount of test smoke.

FP-Smoke provides a smoke that looks and reacts just like other Regin smoke emitters, in a reliable and simple dispensing system. Unlike pyrotechnic smoke emitters, FP-Smoke requires no ignition source or flame to initiate the smoke. The dispensing system includes a proven heavy duty hand pump (extra accessory) allowing a progressive quantity of non-toxic smoke delivered as needed for the task.

A small squeeze provides enough smoke for draft detection or negative pressure around a door, multiple pumps can provide up to 300 cubic feet or more of realistic smoke.