Regin S220 Smoke Pen

$ 43.00

The Regin S220 Smoke Pen provides a continuous stream of dense, non-toxic white smoke perfect for leak-tests and air-flow studied. The Smoke Pen works like a mechanical pencil--simply adjust the patented smoke-emitting wick to provide 3/8" of exposed length, then light the wick with a match or lighter. Provides a continuous trail of non-toxic white smoke until extinguished by replacing the protective cover. The unused portion of the wick stores safely in the barrel of the pen.
NOTE:The reusable Smoke Pen comes with six wicks, providing a total of three hours of continuous smoke or about 360 individual 30-second tests.
Reacts to the smallest of drafts. The cool, non-toxic smoke is perfect for finding air leaks around windows, doors, chimneys, exhaust hoods and laboratory equipment. Also ideal for air balancing, verifying ventilation systems, testing smoke alarms, and verifying negative or positive air pressure.
Smoke Pen Instructions:
      1. Remove the soft black cap from the end of the smoke pen.

      2. Place the wick in the pen by pressing the chrome button on the end of the pen to open the jaws.

      3. Adjust to allow approximately 3/8" of exposed wick.

      4. Light the tip of the wick and allow it to burn for 10-15 seconds, blow out the flame and the pen will provide a stable and continuous stream of smoke.

    5. Extinguish the wick by simply replacing the soft plastic cap over the wick end of the pen.

To re-use, simply adjust the length of the wick and follow the steps as described above.
The S220 smoke pen has a long shelf life when stored in a cool dry location.