The "Big Daddy" - Complete Duct Leakage Testing Combo

$ 1,450.00

$ 999.00

For the serious professional, or "Bid Daddy", this package includes all of our bestselling equipment in one package.  Add a Minneapolis Duct Blaster® by The Energy Conservatory™, or a Duct Tester by Retrotec Ltd., and you're ready to test even the largest houses.  You'll have plenty of Vent Caps for sealing supply vents, you'll have a Pole RAT to set them all remotely - so quit lugging that ladder around - enough Larges to seal those pesky bedroom returns, AND a full size return air cover with two different attachment options.  Either way, you'll "throw" it up, attach the flex duct, and you're ready to start testing!  The best part is (besides not hauling that ladder around) that you'll have worked faster, gotten more reliable results, not wasted any materials, and not have to worry about ripping off paint and wallpaper.  

The "Bid Daddy" includes:

1 - Total Home Pack,

- 19 Original Vent Caps

- 1 Single Vent Cap with 1/4" Barbed Adapter*

- 1 Pole RAT™ (Remote Attachment Tool)

4 - Extra Pole RAT™ Extension Tools**

5 - Large Vent Caps,

1 - 24" x 30" Return Air Cover

All For $999 - Delivered!  You'll save over $400!

*Use the Single with 1/4" Barbed Adapeter to attach your reference hose.  This is the blue hose on a Duct Tester, or the green hose that comes with your Minneapolis Duct Blaster®.  Instead of taping the vent , closest to the return, and then poking a hole in it, only to put a tube in. . .and apply another piece of tape.  Leave the hose connected to your Single Vent Cap with 1/4" Pressure Adapter and you're ready to go each time.  No waste, no hassle, and no risk of damage.  Did I say faster yet?  

**The additional Pole RATs can be used as backups or with their own floor to ceiling painter's poles allowing you to seal systems by supporting the Vent Cap against the ceiling from the floor.  Be ready for any situation and confidently test anything a custom builder wants to throw at you.  Pole RATs work just as easily with both regular and Large Vent Caps.