Yellow Jacket Deluxe Flaring Tool For 1/8" - 3/4" O.D. - 60278

$ 131.00

Standard flare, it needs more surface for more area to seal against the flare fitting. This higher collar flare will work in all systems, not just R-410A.
To take the guesswork out of the height, use a flaring tool specifically designed for R-410A, such as the Yellow Jacket Deluxe 45° Flaring Tool (60278). It features a built-in height stop that helps you meet larger R-410A flaring requirements without the guesswork.
  • Designed with the new R-410A system requirement in mind
  • Self-centering yoke grips without marring or constricting tube
  • Automatic tube height gauge for correct tubing height
  • Multi-faceted burnishing cone produces a burnished flare seat for a positive seal
  • Easy-to-use with four basic steps
  • Made by Ritchie Engineering in the USA