Duct Leakage Testing?

Vent Caps are reusable air vent covers that cut set up times in half - without the waste, expense,
or hassle of duct mask.

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Duct & Envelope Tightness (DET) and Duct Leakage Testing don't have to be time consuming and wasteful. Seal air vents quickly, without ripping off paint or damaging wallpaper, with our reusable vent covers. Don't throw away wads of revenue after every inspection. Start
Making Green Faster!



Simple hook & pull system seals quickly and reliably. Watch the videos to see how fast!



Vent Caps are 100% reusable saving thousands - annually - on tape costs and costly man hours.



High ceilings? Seal registers from the ground with a Pole RAT.



No more non-biodegradable, disposable tape. Vent Caps save time, money AND the environment.



Seal even heavily textured walls and ceilings - safely - with accurate and consistent results.



Full One Year Warranty
30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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Best Sellers

Best Sellers

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Our most popular items provide outstanding value for the investment.  They can save your life, your pocketbook, your downtime, or any combination of the three.

The "TOTAL HOME PACK" - Vent Cap Systems - Home Performance - Duct Leakage Testiing Products
$ 550.00
US341 DUCTESTER (Latest Model) - Vent Cap Systems - Home Performance - Duct Leakage Testiing Products
US341 DUCTESTER (Latest Model)
Starting at $ 2,295.00
Vent Cap Systems - Duct Leakage Testing Equipment - Return Air Sealing System - Photo
The Return Air System - Seal A Return Air Grille In Under A Minute
$ 350.00 $ 250.00
The "DET Combo" - Vent Cap Systems - Home Performance - Duct Leakage Testiing Products
The "DET Combo"
Starting at $ 5,750.00
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What People Are Saying

  • Before we got Vent Cap Systems, I don't know how we survived without them. We have done about 350 duct seals since getting them and they save us atleast 30 minutes per house. That's about 175 hours of labor I didn't have to pay for. They have paid for themselves time and time again. They are easy to use, my guys don't have to carry ladders, and my "tape bill" is almost non-existent. Thanks Corey for making a great product!
    - Ryan Marshall

    Best Property Improvements, Salt Lake City, Utah


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  • Vent Caps have cut our costs by as much as 66% on tape - we were generating a lot of tape waste during our verifications. Our tests are as accurate or better than the tape. Vent Caps are quick and easy to use, costs less and provide a professional image that gives our company an edge. We use them and like them.
    - Dave Hegarty

    Duct Testers, Inc - Ripon, CA


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  • What an awesome product! I'll be honest, I was a little skeptical at first, but once I used it for the first time and got used to it, it was so much easier than taping ducts. Not only does it save time, it saves me from sweating profusely after going up and down a ladder for 45 minutes! Anyways, we just love your product and we hope to order more soon as we continue to grow our business.
    - Andrew Lesperance

    GreenEdge of Michigan


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