They are working out great.  They look professional.  And they are a lot stronger and airtight than I expected, even on popcorn ceilings.  I can't imagine going back to tape.


Philip Piceno

Wolf Den Energy Services

Santa Maria, CA



These caps are a money saver! I’ve used tape for testing ductwork for years and the vent caps save me so much money and pay for themselves. Also, having the ability to cover a supply on an extremely tall ceiling by using the pole attachment is a gamechanger! To top it all off, it saves me time on duct tests. Great product!

Caleb Cribbs



Hah. Great product. Time saver for sure. We have multiple guys using them damn near every day.

Cody Gatland
The Green Insight
Albuquerque, NM




Hi Corey,
The vent caps are working great for us!
Thank you!
Chris Saperstein
Better Efficiency Services LLC
Fayetteville, AR


Hey Corey I've been using Vent Caps for a few years now and there's no going back. I've bought the full sets for each RFI and Rater and each set pays for itself in the first year with money saved on tape. Not to mention it's on point with our brand to lower resource consumption through Energy Rating. I will keep coming back for more as we grow -- fantastic, reliable product that is just as fast if not quicker than putting up tape on grills...but with less resource impact and not to mention ripping less paint off of ceilings!

Alex Jagoe
Quantum Raters LLC


As a small business owner I enjoy the savings created by significantly reducing orders of duct register tape. Vent caps are a time-saver and a worthwhile investment.”

Grant Finch

Carolina Energy Consultants

Columbus, NC



After using expensive tape ... we were struggling with getting the home duct tests tested quickly. After doing a quick search on the web and noticed other testers are using the vent cap system and decided to give it a try. It took me a few tries. . . but shortly after was extremely fast and easy. For easy to reach areas and places we have a spot for a ladder, our technicians prefer to put up the vent cap by hand without the pole. For the hard to reach areas, the extension pole with the attachment is perfect! We are enjoying the vent cap system as it quickens our duct testing time. 
Paul Makhnovskiy
Poppy Energy 



Hi Corey,
It was very kind and thoughtful of you to reach out for some feedback on your product, I am completely satisfied with the large vent caps and especially appreciate that you included a second set of clips since there are different types of grills used for the Duct systems and sometimes it makes hanging the caps a bit tricky.
I will highly recommend your business for providing vent caps since it’s usually in high demand and not easily accessible to Raters from many company’s offering this service.
Runbrook Logo - Click for HomePage
Minelly Nanhoo


Purchasing vent caps from vent cap systems has been one of the best investments that we have made. Not only have they cut the time required to test a home in half and saved me money on tape but I no longer have to endure the struggle of trying to remove tape without removing the paint from a finished wall/ceiling. Their design is perfect. They are easy to use, easy to store and they eliminate the need for a ladder. Thank you for the great product! 

Joshua Adkins



Hi Corey,
We are very happy we purchased the Vent Caps. They are, without a doubt, a time saver.
Thanks again,
Justin Miller
Miller Heating & Air
Seymour, Indiana


Used your product for the first time  yesterday. Saved me money, and time!  Incredible. No waste, the homeowner was impressed, I was impressed. I was able to seal the vents on a 12’ ceiling without a ladder and without moving their furniture around, which reduces risk ( especially here in litigious California)I can’t say enough about it,  I love your product!!


Mike Little
J&S HERS Rating - Simi Valley, CA



This is so cool for you to do this. These vent caps are awesome.  It took a while to figure out putting the attachments into the pole(plunger) but after this no more ladders except hooking to ceiling vent grill.

David Durrant
Building Green
Cleveland, TN

PS-I have landed a 46 home subdivision about 1/4 mile from my home and these things are great. Thanks



We like the product, especially the ease of use and cost savings with regards to installers on the job. We are looking into placing another order in the very near future. 
Ben Martinez
Asset Management Supervisor 
Proteus Inc. 
Goshen, CA


We have used and love them! 
Josh Heverly
Panama City Beach, FL



Greenhome South - Logo

They are wonderful! They have made testing much quicker and easier.  The only issue I have is that I would have liked to have had 2 that take a reference hose. BUT I do multiple small units a lot so I may be in a minority. It would be great as an option for auditors and DET verifiers such as myself. 

Wishing you much continued success! 
Greenhome South - Georgia


We purchased the large vent caps because our grill mask was causing damage to paint and registers while performing duct leakage testing.  Best decision we have made in a while.  The peace of mind coming from knowing they won't damage the ceiling is immeasurable.  And it's so much more sustainable.  We estimate that the simple payback on our investment will be within 2 years which is excellent for us.  Highly recommend.

Stephen Mogowski, President

Desert Skies Energy Services - Mesa, AZ


Vent Cap Systems’ Vent Caps make duct leakage testing fast, safe,

efficient, sustainable, and (dare I say it?) enjoyable! As a “one-man band” HERS Rater whose bread and butter is the duct leakage test, Vent Caps are an absolute no-brainer. I’m sure that they will pay for themselves very quickly, but what I enjoy the most is leaving a jobsite with absolutely no waste. Moreover, not having to lug a ladder around a finished home is pretty great, too! Though I have not run a comparative experiment, I would estimate that Vent Caps reduce my time spent on the job by a third to one half. Furthermore, the Return Air System has also been great, and my contractors and builders comment on what a great idea it is whenever they see me at the time of the test. Finally, Corey’s customer service is stellar: if there is a lack of response or a delay in shipping, he will make it right. If you test duct systems more than a couple times a week, do yourself a favor and purchase a set of Vent Caps. You will not regret it! 


Aaron Martin, President

Green Door Energy, LLC - Greensboro, NC


Vent Caps are a total game changer for my testing.  They are well designed and well made, and they have saved me countless hours in the field.  Other subs are always impressed with the concept and ease of use when I show them how they work. I can't wait to see what brilliant solution you come up with next!
  Eco Three - Alabama
Elizabeth Sanfelippo
HERS Rater, BPI Infiltration and Duct Leakage Professional, LEED Green Associate
Eco Three
Birmingham, AL



How are you doin? So the vent caps.... pretty much the best thing in the world. I was tapping before I ordered these from you and man these save me time. All my contractors trip out on them too. So easy to hook up and take down. Plus I don’t worry about messing paint or popcorn ceilings up. . .
Daniel Allison
Oakdale, CA





Thank you so much. Your service has been A+. I will make sure to recommend your product to all of our local Duct Testers.
Thank you again,
Dennis' Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.
Redding, CA



Just wanted to let you know that the Vent Caps have been one of the best equipment purchases we have made since starting our duct testing business.  They are well worth the investment not only for the performance but the time they save as well.  Thank you for a great product!


Chris Lollis

Upstate Duct Testing & Load Calculation Service

Liberty, SC 

I have been using the vent caps for a few weeks now. I have no issues. They do exactly what you said - easier than climbing a ladder and faster overall. I started out looking for a solution for very high registers that I was not willing to climb a ladder in order to reach. This works well and I gained speed in the overall process. I am entirely satisfied. Good Luck!
Sam Bagwell
Arbor Solutions, LLC
These are great!  I just ordered the 10-pack for our Home Performance Team - and thanks for the discount!
Molly O'Donovan 
ZeroDraft Maryland - Logo
We have been using these caps for Years! Not only do they save time but they also save money, energy and a mess! Our multifamily team may do up to 25 HERS Ratings in a day and these caps significantly help speed up the process! No ladder needed, no mess left behind. As long as you take care of them (the weather striping and the spring/rope) they'll last a long time. Thank you Vent Cap Systems for creating such a great product!
Grant Warner
Multifamily Field Manager
Raleigh, NC
Used it three four times so far.  It has saved a ton of time on labor wish we would have got one sooner. . .
Pawleys Island, SC
Corey, we used the Vent Cap System yesterday for the first time. They are great, installed quickly and worked as you said they would. I should have bought them sooner. 
The installation and removal was easy and quick. Game changer for sure. Thanks for your help.
Paul Holder
Mr.Chill Heating and Air, Inc
Tomball, TX

Hi Corey,

First off, let me state that you have created an amazing product! Though it took me a while to really get the hang of the Vent Caps and to be able to shave valuable time off the job (I was pretty quick after years of using tape to seal registers and grilles), once I did, converting to Vent Caps quickly become more than worthwhile! As a lifelong "treehugger," I have always loathed the waste created by taping (the monetary savings is mostly a bonus, in my opinion). Now, I cannot imagine NOT using Vent Caps for duct leakage testing. . .
Thank you again for creating a great product for raters and auditors looking to reduce waste, save time, and cut costs!
Kind regards,
Aaron Martin
Beaufort Carolina Comfort - Logo - Beaufort, NC
I hope all is well with you. I want to thank you once again for the help with the Vent Caps. They are an extreme help with our duct testing. Keep up the good work.
Steve Hill

Green Collar Operations

I used vent tape forever, it's expensive, messy and rips paint off of grilles.  Vent caps are the only way to fly.  Pay for themselves in a couple months or less.
LOVE them! :-)
Rob Scott, Owner - Green Collar Operations
Head of HVAC & Weatherization - Treehouse Inc.


Logo - 1st Choice Energy - Austin, TX
We've been using Vent Caps at 1st Choice Energy for over 6 years now, and have conducted thousands of duct leakage tests using them. They are absolutely indispensable to our business. Tape is expensive, often hard to apply, frequently pulls paint off ceilings and registers, and is a real pain to dispose of when performing 15 to 20 duct tests a day. With Vent Caps, those problems are virtually eliminated. I have the privilege of living in the same city as Corey (Austin, TX,), and our company was one of his first customers. We have purchased well over a hundred Vent Caps from Corey over the years. More times than not, Corey personally delivers our orders to us. Now that's service! The quality of Corey's products is only surpassed by his outstanding service. Thanks Corey, for making the life of energy auditors and technicians more efficient and productive every day of the year!
David Malone
Austin, TX


We ordered the original vent caps as soon as we heard about them.  What a tremendous upgrade from the taping method!  And so much quicker.  We had taped off vents in a house and had a new employee with us that went to remove the tape and just grabbed and ripped.  The edge had attached to the drywall and ripped the paper right off the ceiling and in a brand new house.  This job was 2.5 hours from home and we had no tools for drywall repair with us.  We ended up having to make 2 more trips to the site to complete the repair all because of the tape.  The boots are wonderful and don't damage even texture ceilings.  They fit snugly and completely.  We have tested them against the tape and fond them to perform even better than the tape.

GCI Energy Consultants LogoWhen the return grill cap recently came out I sent a check as fast as I could.  We have the large one.  I have used it several times already and have become the envy of my rater friends.  I love that no one has to stand under the return (if in the ceiling) and hold the hose up to the return to keep it from falling down.  The hose connects snugly and holds perfectly.  I love these boots, purchasing them is a no brainer.  You can do without a lot of things when testing a house but the Vent Boots are not one of those things.  Every crew should have them.
Elizabeth Guinn, President

PSL Integrated Soltuions - Houston, TX 

It is true that vent caps help us save time and money. And they reduce the amount of tape that would otherwise go to landfills. Also important is that in hot humid climates, duct mask can leave a gummy residue on finished ceilings. Using the vent caps removes this concern.

Polly Ledvina

PSL Integrated Solutions

Houston, TX




The vent caps help us save time and money and they look more professional than tape.  A must-have for testing companies looking to be more efficient in the field.  Thank you for a great product.
David St Louis
Raleigh, NC




 Mechanical Consultants, LLC - Metarie, LA

We use this product because it saves us time and money. The product is of good quality too. A must in the
A/C Bizzzzzzzzz.

John H. Cook
Metarie, LA


We just ordered another Total Home Pack.  We have been using the caps for at least five years now.  I cannot imagine how much tape we have saved in addition to the time and improved testing results.  We have had lots of doubters over the years.  Every time we do a comparison of a Ecos Materials & Services - Logosystem taped vs. caps; the results are always better with the caps. I also really appreciate that there is constant effort to improve the product over the years.  I am looking forward to getting the smaller space saving caps.  It makes a difference when your work truck is a Prius. 
Thank you.
Chris Zitelli, LEED AP BD+C, HERS, Green Rater
KY- USGBC Board of Directors
USGBC- Southeast Council Chair Elect
Ecos Materials & Services, LLC




I actually used them yesterday and thought how nice it was to have all the vents sealed and ready to test in about 10min versus 45min it used to take to tape everything off.  Then removing them I wasn't worried that the paint was coming off with the tape.  Thanks again for a wonderful product!

Wilks Air Conditioning and Heating

Thank you,
Patrick Wilks
Wilks Air Conditioning and Heating




Greenwood Refrigeration | Bowling Green, KY

I love them, saves time on job. . .

Terry Rone

Greenwood Refrigeration 

Bowling Green, KY



By the way, I just had the opportunity last Friday to use the vent caps. It took more time to setup the return than it did to install your vent caps on 17 supply registers.  Wyatt's Air Conditioning | Spring, TXFortunately the customer had an 8’ ceiling. I’m 6’2” so I was able to install all the caps from standing on the floor and not using a pole. I had NO leakage from the grills where we used the Vent Caps. I used the smoke machine and we would have noticed if we had any leaks around the grills.

Great product – wish I had thought of it!


Bruce Wyatt

Wyatt’s Air Conditioning

Spring, TX



Compared to the duct mask tape traditionally used to seal duct registers, Vent Caps save time on-site and money – this is indisputable.  However, their best attribute is that I never have to worry about tape pulling paint off a register.  If you’ve ever had to return to a client’s home just to touch up the paint on a few registers that your tape marred, you know how important this feature is. Thanks Vent Cap!

Bruce PhillipsGreen Home Advantage | Shreveport, LA

The Green Home Advantage

Shreveport, LA 




Our Vent Caps are phenomenal.  We have done duct blaster testing for a few years now and have grown to despise rolls of tape that don't stick to anything except itself while trying to balance on the top of a ladder to reach the grills.  Your Vent Caps have dramatically decreased the amount of time it takes us to perform a test in a home and have eliminated paint peeling from vents and ceilings.  The remote attachment tool connected to a painters stick is a stroke of genius.  We almost never have to break out our ladder.  The Vent Cap system looks more professional and cleaner than tape and will quickly pay for itself in material and labor cost!  Thank you for a wonderful product that truly makes life easier and more profitable! Wilks Air Conditioning and Heating

Thank you,
Patrick Wilks

Wilks Air Conditioning and Heating



Hi Corey,

Our caps are working out very well. They save a lot of time on the job.

John Przybylski

HiPoint Heating and Cooling
South Windsor, CT



My first knowledge of Vent Caps was recently at a re-certification of envelope and duct testing.  The system was so simple to install compared to taping.  I'm 75 years old and still enjoy the testing of homes, but hauling tall ladders in new homes with the potential of damage to walls and floors, not to mention the possibility of  my falling off due to poor balance, was threatening to end my work.  Thanks to vent caps, my work can continue, without the possibility of danger to myself, or to the person on the ground trying to catch me.  I only wish I had known about the Vent Cap system before now.  It is definitely a life saver, mine in particular.  

Homes Plus+ LogoBill Hearne
West Monroe, LA 



We are the leader in our area for Duct Testing & Seal practices.  I stumbled upon an ad on Facebook and we really were impressed.  Now that we have our vent cap sets we have reduced the time to tape all the registers, it is cleaner and more efficient. We also eliminated the ordeal we would encounter with Older homes that after taking off the tape, the paint would also come OFF.  In some instances with a bit of plaster!  VENT CAPS have been a VALUABLE tool that we are so happy we bought and will continue to buy.Becerril Air - San Diego

Louis Fuentes

Lead Comfort Engineer

Becerril Air - Imperial | San Diego | Chula Vista | Palm Desert | Mexicali



Love how these things work, took a lot of time off of my inspections and I get way better results.

Xcel Air Conditioning Services, Inc.Joe Ridolfo

Mandeville | Baton Rouge | LaFayette | Covington - Louisianna




We looked into using Vent Caps to decrease our material cost for taping registers. We ordered a few to start with to try it out and not only did they work great and pay for themselves within a year in reduced tape cost, but there is a lot less time up and down ladders. I get more productivity out of my staff at a lower cost per home. We couldn’t be happier and I am headed back now to order more.  

Jim Frank

Program Manager II

Richard Heath & Associates, Inc.



Vent Caps are the way to go!  I have tried other brands that all seem to fail . . . Vent Caps are reinforced and do not break.  They also save a lot of time, money and hassle while we set up our duct testing equipment.  No need to worry about pulling paint off of our customers' homes by using tape...  I can also get in and out of a home much faster which means I can do more jobs in a day...











Brilliant!  Thanks Vent Cap!

Jeff Dimond

Utah Energy Savers



I think the vent caps are awesome, not to mention a big time saver. It is so nice not having to pack a ladder all over a residence to tape registers off.  My only regret is that I did not purchase them sooner. They are well worth the investment. 

Goettl Good GuysDustin Goettl 
Best regards, 

Goettl's High Desert Mechanical

Camp Verde, AZ



Corey's Vent Cap System is one of the most revolutionary ideas to happen to the Home Performance Industry in decades.  These vent covers reduce labor by probably at least 30 minutes a house.  You buy them one time and that's it - (and Corey stands behind his product without question).   I was so tired of the tape game...trying to get it applied, tape getting stuck to itself, tape peeling the paint off the ceiling when you remove it, leaving tape covering the ductwork because you couldn't see it, it was just a "sticky" situation.  Vent Caps are easy to install, remove and are much, much more effective than tape. . .  We have used the Vents for several months now and would not go back...ever....ever...ever. 

Thank you Corey for this ingenuous invention.  You have saved my company money and we're getting done faster and therefore able to do more jobs.  Doesn't get any better than that!  

Butch Scruggs, Owner

Summit Builders Group, LLC

Northwest Arkansas


We have only used them a couple times so far but have enjoyed the experience and can see the time and money saving benefit of them already.First Electric Cooperative





David Copeland

First Electric Cooperative Corporation

Jacksonville, AR



For the past few years, I have used only the tape for duct testing and found it wasteful and time consuming. I decided to order the Vent Cap Systems. They are made of great quality and significantly reduce waste and cost from the taping. These caps have also greatly improved safety. No more having to climb an extension ladder to reach a vent 20 feet high. Not only is this a great product, but Corey provides some of the best customer service I have ever experienced. If there is ever an issue, he will be glad to take care of it immediately and effectively. 

Matthew Hyder

Antidote Architecture + Design|Build

Chattanooga, Tennessee



I have been using the Vent Caps for over 2 years and it has been one of the best decisions I could have made. The amount of time that has been saved by using the Vent Caps has paid for them over and over again and increased profit each time we use them. By using the Vent Caps, we save nearly 45 min to an hour of overall time on a single family residence for set-up and tear-down! The Vent Caps have been extremely durable and have held up under extreme use and handling. I would recommend them to anyone!

Larry Foster

Texas Real Estate Inspector #3

Foster Enterprises, LLC

Austin, TX


Definitely worth the money!  We're saving time and money, and not hassled with tape anymore.  Thanks!

David Guerra

e3 Solutions

Texas & NW Arkansas


They are great and have helped my crews in the field tremendously. We love them!!!  

Mark Buzzell
Buzzell’s Heating and Air
Warner Robbins, GA & Macon, GA


Grill mask tape can rip the paint off of the face of the grill whentaken off.  I learned this the hard way after removing the mask on many grills in a tall ceiling on a job a long way from home.  I had to buy and install the covers that the paint came off.  These Vent Cap System covers are very easy to install, seal tightly, and won’t damage the vent cover.  Very well made should stand up to years of use. At the cost of vent tape they will pay themselves back on every job, thanks for a great product…

Thank you Corey,

Jack Sellers


Ballentine, SC


Love my Vent Caps! Once they’re up, they’re up. No need for extra masking tape to seal problem edges, trouble with adhering to dirty vent covers, paint pulling off, etc. Less waste and ordering of tape is a huge bonus!

Jane Whitmire
HERS Rater/NGBS Green Verifier
Sustainable Energy & Building of New Mexico



Before we got the Vent Cap System I don’t know how we survived without them.  We have done about 350 duct seals since getting them and they save us at least 30 minutes per house.  That’s about 175 hours of labor I didn’t have to pay for.  They have paid for themselves time and time again.  They are easy to use, my guys don’t have to carry ladders, and my “tape bill” is almost non-existent.  Thanks Corey for making a great product!

Ryan Marshall

Best Property Improvements

Salt Lake City, Utah


Vent Cap Systems provides an excellent alternative to sealing duct system vents with tape. The tape method was taking at least an hour to complete in an average house. The time it takes me with the Vent Cap System was reduced to just 20 minutes or less. I’m so happy with my investment, and will proudly endorse Corey Breed @ Vent Cap Systems. His product does exactly what he said they would and they are helping me be more profitable too.

Trent H. Hugill

Nor-Cal Duct Test



I have used your duct covers for the last month.  There is no comparison in the amount of time  saved per project using your Vent Caps  vs. using tape or a combination of tape and press n seal to seal vents.  I would recommend your product to any energy rater who is interested in minimizing their time on any site visit.

Best to you and your endeavors,

Paul Teschner,  LEED AP,  HERS I & II

Atlas Construction Company, Inc.

Fairfield, CA


I purchased 10 Vent Cap Systems February 2013 for my HERS rating and Energy Upgrade projects and they are still going strong!  Best of all they are easy to use and have cut my labor time down in half.  I have saved tons of cash…..very little grill mask needed.

Thank you again,

Richard Barlow

The CSI Company


I cannot say enough great things about Vent Cap Systems.  It has really transformed my days in the field.  The efficiency of body movement is much more in line with the business.  The psychological perks are the real highlight.  I do mostly large multifamily projects where there is a load of repetition.  Just knowing I will not be going up and down a step stool a thousand times changes my psychosocial outlook of each project.  Thank you for your efforts.

Much appreciated!

Jeffrey Sadler

Ecovative Energy Inc.


Our guys really like the Vent Caps.  It is so much easier than trying to tape off vents, the Vent Caps don’t damage paint or vents, it’s easier and takes so much less time.  The customers are also happy with the fact we are not putting tape on their ceiling.

Amy Luton

Climate Mechanical

Austin, TX


My inspectors love these pans. And it saves us $$ on duct register mask. We have found that our tape use is down by 75% or more by using the Vent Cap pans.

Mike Sims
Director of Quality Assurance and Training
Proctor Engineering Group - CA, NV, FL, KS


I simply could not manage the duct tape at 20 to 23 feet ceilings.  The “squares” have made it possible to get accurate readings.  Yes, I also have a set of the original Vent Caps for smaller,  lower vents and use them every time.  Thank you Corey!

Roger Taylor

DwellGreen of Dallas


We have been in business since 2005 and have always used Glad Press–N –Seal and Painters Tape. I buy in large amounts so our cost is very low but we still were going thru about $1,000.00 every month and a half in supplies. My Raters got very fast with this application. I decided to try your Vent Caps with one set. They took a little time to get used to. Some of my Raters still used their ladder to put the pans up but after buying more sets all of my raters are using them with the pole from the ground. They work great when you have items like beds and pianos that we can’t move. Our cost for Press–N–Seal and Painters tape has gone down about 75%. I have already paid for all of the caps that we have bought with the supplies savings. Would highly recommend these to any person doing Duct Testing.

Thanks for convincing me to try Vent Caps.

John Flores, President

Valley Duct Testing

Rocklin, CA



Thanks for the great innovation. I have saved hundreds of dollars on grille mask. Well worth the investment, they have already paid for them selves, now it’s just 100% savings. The covers seal great and are extremely durable and easy to use. Can’t wait to see the return covers. Thanks again

Bruce Cline
Green Star Home Energy Rater, LLC
Contractor for Skyetec
Apex, NC.


Once you try them you will not be disappointed.

I first heard about the Vent Cap System through an older gentleman that had gotten into energy testing of new homes.  I myself had started doing the energy testing but was using tape.  I am getting older and going up and down a ladder up to 50 times in one house, 150 to 200 times a day was starting to wear on my knees.   Once I tried the Vent Cap System I was sold and bought a bunch the very next day.  Now I go up a ladder only twice in each house and it has nothing to do with the Vent Cap System, just hooking up the duct blaster to the return air grill.

In my first month of use I had a few problems and found I had five broken caps.  I wrote and email hoping that they would have a good support department and low and behold I got a call within an hour of writing an email and had my new caps shipped to me immediately.

This is a great system and anyone thinking or looking at this system should just buy them and try them as you will not be disappointed.

Thanks Corey, keep up the good work

Paul G Taylor

Sierra Green Builders

Reno, NV



Since receiving our first set of Vent Caps my lead HERS Rater (Sam) has used these caps on several jobs, both residential and commercial.  In testing out this product the Rater did a number of duct tests where he used both the “old method” of applying Press-N-Seal” and taping the registers, and then retesting the same job using Vent Caps. The differences in leakage results were negligible. Sam also expressed his appreciation in eliminating most of his “high ladder” ventures.

From an owner’s perspective, the ability to eliminate most of the Press-N-Seal, and painter’s tape previously purchased in large quantities was a key benefit in our decision to switch to Vent Caps.

Based upon our combined analysis I was happy today to place an additional order for Vent Caps, and I would recommend these vent caps to ANY HVAC or inspection company.


Ralph E. Coleman

Western Air Systems Certification

Rocklin, CA


Hi – I love your products . . .

Suzanne Henderson Emerson

Emerson Environmental

Energy and Water Efficiency Consultant

GreenPoint rater, HERS rater, BPI-certified Building Analyst and Envelope Professional


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