Blower Door

Get the latest blower door equipment on the market today.  Everything you need for a blower door test is included.  We carry both the Minneapolis Blower Door, from The Energy Conservatory, or the Blower Door by Retrotec, Ltd.  All equipment is shipped from the factory - after being hand packed and calibrated - straight to you with all accessories. 

You have a lot of choices of where to buy your blower door.  To thank you, for purchasing from my one man operation, you'll always receive your blower door - for the lowest price allowed - AND with free shipping.  

What is a Blower Door Test?

Blower door equipment is typically made up of a few different components.  First, and probably most recognizable, is the door fan itself.  This is a relatively large, high powered fan, surrounded by either a cloth or rigid panel that expands to fill/seal an open doorway.  The next component is the gauge that not only controls the speed of the fan, but measures the pressure differential between the outside of the home vs. the inside.  Depressurizing the house can not only help you determine how much air is leaking from your house, and making it less energy efficient, but you can actually walk through and feel air penetrating walls and windows at these leaks.  The better your home performs during a blower door test, the more comfortable you're likely to be and have lower overall costs at the same time.