The "TOTAL HOME PACK" - Vent Covers For Duct Testing Kit

  • $ 645.00


30 Day Money Back Guarantee - Full One Year Warranty*

(*On the foam too?  Yes, on the foam too!)

  • "Back of the truck tested", injection molded polypropylene plastic construction ensures Vent Caps won't crack or warp like competing vent covers. 
  • Custom machined aluminum fasteners and stainless steel springs produce a confidence inspiring hold on both positive and negative pressure duct leakage tests.
  • The squishy 1/2" square foam gasket safely seals against paint, wallpaper, drywall, and even heavy textures - like popcorn - without risk of adhesive damage.  
  • The included Pole RAT™ attaches to a standard painters pole (not included) and allows you to set the Vent Caps remotely.  The one in the video below was < $15 at Lowe's®.  
  • Say goodbye to the hassle, waste, and especially the expense of taping supply vents over and over again.  Our vent covers were designed in the field, by a BPI Certified Building Analyst, and have been called "Magical."  You'll save money and time everyday, feeling good about your decision each time you use them, and may kick yourself for not trying them sooner.
  • After 9+ years in business, 10's of 1,000s sold, and pages and pages of testimonials - I know you're going to love them.  If you don't, send them back.  It's that easy.  Don't wait.  Start saving today!
This best selling package includes:
19 - Original Vent Caps (~10" x 16" inside the gasket).
1 - Single Vent Cap with 1/4" barbed pressure adapter*  to attach your reference hose, or to be used as a small pressure pan.
1 - Pole RAT™ remote attachment tool.

*Use the 1/4" pressure adapter to attach your reference hose.  This is the green hose on a Duct Blaster® or the blue hose on DucTesters.





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