Retrotec DM32 - Dual Channel Touchscreen Manometer

  • $ 1,650.00

The minute it was released, the DM32 is easily became one of the most advanced manometers on the market.  The WiFi capable DM32 is able to run all Retrotec duct testers and blower doors.  The DM32 even runs blower doors and the Minneapolis Duct Blaster® System from The Energy Conservatory.  All ports are color coded, and fan configurations are matched via visual onscreen cues that take out the "guesswork."  Simply touch the configuration that shows the number of rings you've added, press the green button, and the DM32 takes care of the rest.  With the ability to operate and view system settings from any IOS or Android smartphone - or a computer at a remote location - there's no more climbing in and out of the attic to turn the fan on and off, or driving into the field to help a fledgling technician troubleshoot a setup.  The DM32's familiar one button, touch screen design also updates via the web to ensure you're always working with the best.

DM32 WiFi exclusive features:

  • 3.2” color touchscreen
  • Pre-calibrated digital pressure sensors with a new 5 year calibration schedule
  • Visual Display of “Device” and “Range”
  • High capacity (4200 mAh) rechargeable battery (Lithium polymer)- test for 10 hours on a single charge
  • Color coded tapered tube connections don’t leak and allow easy release
  • Test at any pressure
  • WiFi equipped - run a test wirelessly from your smartphone or tablet!
  • Wired (Ethernet or USB) networking capability
  • Software for automatic test control, data acquisition, and remote control and monitoring with a virtual simulator on PC (MS Windows only).
  • Free online updates
  • Standard USB charger
  • New 5 year recommended gauge calibration interval
  • Automatically test at a desired test pressure – gauge controls the fan to hold the room pressure
  • Shows results extrapolated to a specified reference pressure for adherence to exact standard requirements
  • Test at a constant Fan Speed
  • Neutralize pressure between zones with “Set to Zero” control
  • Automatically zeroes the sensors every 30 seconds, to ensure accurate results.
  • Display results averaged between 1 second and 2 minutes, to reduce pressure fluctuations
  • Baseline function measures and removes background pressures on Channel A not induced by the fan


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