Vent Cap SystemsRetrotec, Ltd.Retrotec Blower Door Fan CaseImage displays Retrotec's custom-designed, hard-sided Blower Door Fan Case, suitable for Models 1000 to 6000. Features Velcro straps for secure storage and portability, doubling as handles. Also serves as a sturdy table for laptops and gauges. Dimensions: 14” x 26” x 25“.

Retrotec Blower Door Fan Case

Introducing the custom-designed hard-sided fan case, perfect for storing your Retrotec fans (Model 1000/2000/3000/5000/6000) with utmost security. The case features Velcro straps that double as handles, ensuring that your fan is snugly enclosed. The hard top and convenient height also make this case a versatile addition to your job site, serving as a sturdy table for your laptop and gauges. With this fan case, you can trust that your equipment is not only protected, but also easily accessible when you need it most. Dimensions: 14” x 26” x 25“
$ 290.00
$ 290.00

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