Retrotec Blower Doors | 5100 Series

  • $ 4,600.00

The most popular blower doors for testing houses and small commercial buildings.

Blower Doors are the workhorse of air infiltration testing, and this really is the latest and greatest technology all rolled into one.  We sell the complete line of Retrotec blower doors including the 6100 Hi-Power Series, and multi-fan blower doors for large commercial buildings.  The snap together frame, and color coordinated color coordinated hoses make for ease of use.  The touchscreen fan controls will even run with the leading competitor's products (eg. the Minneapolis Duct Blaster).  Blower doors don't get any better for simplicity of setup or accuracy.  Don't waste time trying to remember what goes where and which settings mean what.  Retrotec makes one of the best blower doors on the market - hands down - and the DM-32 digital gauge makes life much simpler.


Note: Vent Cap Systems always sells blower doors at the lowest advertised price allowed, and doesn't charge for shipping.  You have a lot of choices of where to buy your blower door equipment, thank you for supporting a family business!


Instructional Video

What's Included

  • 1 x DM32 Digital Gauge Package
  • DM32 Dual Channel Color Touchscreen Manometer
  • USB Cable, 6' (1.8 m)
  • Cat5 Cable, 7' (2 m) Blue
  • DM32 USB Charging Module (120V/60Hz, 240V/50Hz, or 110V/50Hz)
  • DM32 Software Suite (Virtual Gauge, DM32 Configurator, Data Logger, and DM32 USB driver)
  • Gauge Case
  • DM32 Magnetic Clip
  • Average calibration of DM32
  • Gauge Calibration Verification Report
  • 1 x 5000 Series Fan Set
  • 5000 Series Calibrated Fan (120V/60Hz, 240V/50Hz, or 110V/50Hz)
  • Range Ring A for 5000/6000 Series Fan
  • B8 Plate for 5000/6000 Series Fan
  • 8 x 4" Blank Plugs
  • Power Cord
  • 1 x Fan Cover
  • ISO 17025 accredited fan calibration
  • System Calibration Verification Report
  • 1 x Regular Cloth Door Panel & Frame (new) - Single Fan
  • Aluminum Frame, Red Anodized
  • Cloth for 1000/2000/3000/5000/6000 Series Fan, Regular Height
  • Fan Crossbar Strap for Aluminum Frame
  • Case for Aluminum Frame
  • 1 x Umbilical for 1000/5000/6000 Series Fan, 7 ft (2 m)
  • 1 x FanTestic Lite Blower Door Testing Software
  • 1 x Blower Door Tubing Kit


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