The New "Large"

  • $ 80.00

A larger, square version of our original Vent Cap, the Large features the same heavy duty injection molded, polypropylene construction with machined aluminum cord locks and full one year warranty.   The 16.5” square size (inside the gasket, actual product larger), can easily cover a 14” air duct vent, with over an inch to spare!  They're perfect to seal HVAC returns in bedrooms, and large square air duct vents. 

The Large can also be attached with the Pole RAT™ (remote attachment tool).  Cut down on ladder use (for SO many reasons), quit moving furniture. . . - all while using less $40/roll duct mask.  There isn't an easier, or more reliable, way to seal HVAC vents.


Perfect For Bedroom Returns & Square Registers

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