Blower Door Kit

Comparison of Minneapolis Blower Door by The Energy Conservatory and Retrotec Blower Door with both brand logos


Welcome! If you're an HVAC technician, energy auditor, HERS Rater, or building professional, explore our selection of Blower Door Kits. These essential tools for home performance testing ensure accurate and efficient diagnostics for air leakage in buildings.

Components of a Blower Door Kit

Retrotec Blower Door | 6100 Series | Hi-PowerImage features a professional standing next to a fully assembled Retrotec 6100 Series Blower Door System, illustrating the system's user-friendly design and ease of setup, ideal for comprehensive air leakage testing.

Each Blower Door Kit includes:

  • Fan - The core component providing precise airflow measurement.
  • Fan Housing - Durable protection for the fan.
  • Door Panel - Seals the fan within an exterior door frame.
  • Manometer - For measuring pressure differences.
  • Hoses - Connects the system for accurate readings.
  • Software - Guides the testing process and records data.
  • Power Source - Powers the fan for testing.
  • Case - Convenient for transport and storage.

Brands to Consider

Select from the industry's best: Retrotec, Ltd. and The Energy Conservatory, each with unique features for your specific testing requirements.

Retrotec 5100 Series Blower Door System

Price: $4,600. Ideal for Energy Auditors, HVAC Contractors, and more. Features the DM32X gauge for precision.

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The Energy Conservatory's Minneapolis Blower Door System

Price: $4,334. Suited for utility DSM programs and weatherization professionals. Includes DG-1000 Pressure and Flow Gauge.

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