What is Duct Leakage Testing?

Duct Leakage Testing is a diagnostic assessment of an air conditioning system's efficiency, specifically its duct or delivery system.  

What is Duct Envelope Tightness Testing?

Duct Envelope Tightness (DET) involves checking the building itself for leaks, using a blower door, as well as performing a duct leakage test.

What are Vent Caps?

Vent Cap Systems are reusable air vent covers that seal HVAC supply vents.  They are used in mandated duct leakage testing, duct envelope tightness testing, mold and fire remediation, duct cleaning, and weatherization programs across the country.  They replace the disposable plastic tapes that have had been used for decades.  Vent Caps are 100% reusable and non-adhesive lowering cost, waste, and risk of damage to paint and wallpaper.

How do Vent Caps work?

They use a non-marring hook to attach either to the louvers of a supply vent, the a/c boot itself, or it's collar.  A nylon cord runs from the hook through the gasketed, reusable air vent covers.  They are pulled tight squishing the soft, non-adhesive, foam gasket to the wall/floor.

What about wall vents?  Floor vents?

In Austin, Climate Zone 2, most everything is in the ceilings thus the emphasis on the Pole RAT™, however, Vent Caps work just as well on walls and floors.

Seal Wall Vents | Reusable Air Vent Covers

Depending on where you are and what kind of testing (positive or negative) you're doing, you have a few options. Since floor vents are rarely attached, simply attaching the hook and pulling tight can pull the vent out of the floor.  

Option One: I have customers up north that only depressurize, and almost exclusively on hardwood floors.  They simply walk through and drop one on top of each register.  Once the fan kicks in, the suction pulls them tight.  That's how good the foam is! 

Option Two:  Vent Caps each come with a custom, non-marring, plastic hook tied on, but they also come with an equal number of vinyl coated metal hooks.  These are malleable enough to form any shape and can be used to attach the Vent Cap to the a/c boot, a screw, or the collar at the back.  This is a popular option since it enables you to compress the piling of the carpet.  This produces a much more accurate reading than simply taping over the top of the register and the carpet.

Option Three:  I also have customers that simply put something on top of the vent covers to seal against the floor, like a beanbag, rolls of nickels, book, etc...

How do they stay in place?

Vent Caps are held in place with a custom machined aluminum, spring-loaded fastener that locks onto the nylon cord after they're pulled tight.  

How well do they work?

Our testimonials page speaks volumes about how well they work. They're been put through the ringer daily by auditors, raters, providers, HVAC techs, training academies, colleges, and QA providers all over the country.  

How tough is that foam gasket?

Most people, justifiably, are worried about the durability of the foam.  Don't.  If something goes wrong, I'll send you new ones.  I've been selling Vent Caps for over 5 years, literally thousands and thousands sold.  I have custom made replacement foam boxes, with 20 strips in each, sitting in my warehouse.  I've only sold 2 boxes!  It's a very unique, super soft, yet resilient foam that amazingly works on popcorn and heavily textured walls and ceiling.

What size are they? / How big are they?

Original Vent Caps are about 10" by 16" inside the gasket.  The new Larges are 16.5" square inside the gasket, so they'll fit a 12x12", a 14" return, etc... with room to spare.

Do they work on positive pressure or negative pressure tests?

Both.  Vent Cap Systems were originally designed for Austin’s ECAD Audit which mandated negative pressure testing but now feature custom made machined aluminum cord fasteners, stainless steel springs, and rigid nylon cords that hold several pounds in excess of what's needed.  This provides a consistent and reliable seal that is easily replicated.  The multitude of testimonials received over the last several years can attest to their functionality and reliability.

Do they work on curved blade registers or specialty grills?

Vent Caps come with both a custom made plastic hook AND a malleable vinyl coated metal hook that can be shaped as needed in the field.  There is a video specifically highlighting curved blade (turtle backed) grills on the videos page.  If you find one you can't attach to, give us a call and we'll figure it out!

Do they have a warranty?

Vent Cap Systems come with a full 1 year warranty.  If any parts wear out, I’ll replace them - PERIOD.  They are extremely durable and can withstand hundreds of pounds of weight - I can literally jump up and down on them (*not recommended/suggested), and they're the back of the truck' tested.  

What if I decide saving time, money, and the environment are not for me?

Return your Vent Cap Systems in salable condition within 30 days and we’ll refund 100% of your money.  Simply put, they work.  They’re quicker, quieter, safer, and the obvious economic and environmental choice.  10's of thousands of Vent Caps have been sold and less than a handful have ever been returned (knock on wood).  The testimonials page should instill quite a bit of confidence.