Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - Your Guide to Vent Cap Systems!

What is Duct Leakage Testing?

Duct leakage testing measures the air that escapes from a building's HVAC system through its ducts. Energy loss, reduced indoor air quality, and higher utility bills can result from duct leakage. By pressurizing the duct system and measuring air escape, we identify and repair leaks, enhancing energy efficiency and indoor air quality. Duct leakage testing is crucial for building codes, energy efficiency programs, and voluntary use by homeowners and managers.

What is Envelope Tightness Testing?

Envelope Tightness Testing evaluates HVAC system performance by measuring air leakage from ductwork. We identify leaks or gaps that cause energy loss, poor indoor air quality, and discomfort for occupants. The test pressurizes the duct system with air, measuring the escaping air percentage. Lower percentages indicate tighter ducts and reduced energy loss. This test is essential for energy efficiency and sustainability goals in new constructions and retrofits.

What are Vent Caps?

Vent Caps are reusable covers for sealing HVAC supply vents during various tests and programs. They replace disposable plastic tapes, reducing costs, waste, and damage risk to property. With a non-adhesive, non-marring hook and soft foam gasket, Vent Caps ensure a tight and secure seal.

How do Vent Caps work?

Attach Vent Caps with the hook and nylon cord, pulling tight for a secure seal against drywalls. They come with a custom machined aluminum, spring-loaded fastener for a robust hold.

What about wall vents and floor vents?

Vent Caps work for wall and floor vents, using various attachment options based on your location and testing type. They are highly effective on textured surfaces like popcorn ceilings.

How well do they work?

Vent Caps are rigorously tested and trusted by auditors, technicians, and providers nationwide. Numerous testimonials attest to their reliability and effectiveness.

How durable is the foam gasket?

The super-soft yet resilient foam provides excellent durability, even on heavily textured surfaces. In rare cases of issues, we offer replacements.

What size are Vent Caps?

Original Vent Caps are about 10" by 16", and new Larges are 16.5" square inside the gasket, accommodating various vent sizes.

Do Vent Cap Systems work for positive and negative pressure tests?

Yes, Vent Cap Systems are designed for both positive and negative pressure tests, offering a dependable and consistent seal.

Can they work on curved blade registers or specialty grills?

Vent Caps come with both plastic and malleable metal hooks, ensuring flexibility to attach to various vent types.

Is there a warranty for Vent Cap Systems?

Vent Cap Systems include a comprehensive one-year warranty, guaranteeing replacement for any worn-out parts.

What if I change my mind?

If you return your Vent Cap Systems within 30 days in saleable condition, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee. Our confidence in the product's effectiveness stems from its countless success stories!

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