Prototypes and Competitors?

Vent Cap Systems are reusable, gasketed air vent covers that replace duct mask, or other plastic tapes, used to seal air conditioning registers for duct leakage testing.



It probably wouldn't have saved you any time and, as a matter of fact, it would have even made the whole thing take longer.  Thankfully I didn't stop there. . .



My friend and I used to go door to door trying to sell Vent Caps. One of our first buyers had to run to the back to get HIS Vent Cap . . .

I Realized I Wasn't The Only One. . .

It became apparent that after 30+ years of people performing duct leakage tests, I wasn't the first person to want a reusable alternative. I am, however, the first to make a reusable system, that doesn't leak like a sieve, that can be set remotely, and comes with a FULL ONE YEAR WARRANTY . . .

Early Competition:

I'll never forget meeting "Bull", from McCullough Heating and Air, when I was doing door to door sales in Austin.  Once he saw what I brought to show him, we had to follow him into the back.  He called "the guys" over to show them that someone had made his idea (pictured above right). 

He had a Tupperware® - like container, some pipe insulation, an 'S' hook, and some string running through a backpack style cord fastener.  He admitted they leaked about 7 CFM - PER - but was still making his guys use them and recalculate afterward.  That along is a testament to just how ridiculous the taping process is, and the lengths people will go to avoid the hassle and expense.  How about you,

Hate the Tape?™

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