SLA | Prototype Production For Sealing Return Air Systems

Duct Leakage Testing is about to get a lot faster!  Sealing the return air grille is probably the largest pain point in duct leakage testing and the prototypes being "printed" hope to change all that dramatically.  SLA, or Stereo Lithography is basically a reactive goo that is shot by a laser and turns to a solid.  Since the layers are about 25 microns thick, the process does take a while, but the resolution (details on part) are unbelievable.  

You probably can't see the layer through the black goo, but after each layer you'll see the machine lifts the existing parts out of the material and a squeegee of sorts smooths everything out for an accurate and smooth next layer before dropping it back in. . .   You can see more about FormLab printers here.  The clear vase-looking piece on the left was created with no supporting structure at all - merely "pulled into existence."  They're very cool machines!

I hope to have something more specific to show you next week. . .

Click below to see the "10-4 Combo"