Vent Cap SystemsRetrotec, Ltd.Duct Tester Case (26” x 17” x 16“)In this solitary image, the focus is solely on Retrotec's Duct Tester Carrying Case. The red, rectangular case sits zipped up and centered, with its carrying straps casually hanging to the side. The image efficiently conveys the case's design and portability, leaving little room for distraction. It serves to highlight the case's practicality and durability, aiming to assure potential buyers of its utility.

Duct Tester Case (26” x 17” x 16“)

Introducing the Retrotec Duct Tester Carrying Case - Your Ultimate Gear Transport Solution! Designed for durability and convenience, our reinforced carrying case is "back of the truck" tested, ensuring your DucTester and accessories remain safe during transportation. With ample space and a custom design, it holds everything that comes with the 340 & 350 DucTester systems securely. Key Features: Rugged Construction: Built to withstand tough conditions, this carrying case provides reliable protection for your valuable equipment. All-In-One Solution: Keep all your gear organized and accessible in one place. No more searching for misplaced accessories. Long-lasting Reliability: This case is engineered...
$ 250.00
$ 250.00

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