Vent Cap SystemsThe Energy ConservatoryReplacement Flex Duct w/ Velcro Strap (12')Image features a 12-foot Replacement Flex Duct with Velcro Strap by The Energy Conservatory. With a 10-inch diameter, this versatile duct is compatible with both Minneapolis Duct Blaster® and Retrotec's 340x Duct Tester. Ideal for professional HVAC testing scenarios.

Replacement Flex Duct w/ Velcro Strap (12' long)

Introducing the Versatile Duct Blaster® Flex Duct with Velcro® Straps Looking for a reliable and flexible duct solution that seamlessly connects to your Minneapolis Duct Blaster® or Retrotec Duct Tester? Look no further than The Energy Conservatory's Duct Blaster® Flex Duct with Velcro® Straps! This standard-sized 10-inch diameter flex duct stretches up to an impressive 12 feet, making it perfect for a variety of testing scenarios. Key Features: Easy Connectivity: The Duct Blaster® flex duct effortlessly connects to round and square transition pieces using Velcro® straps, ensuring a secure and hassle-free setup. OEM Quality: This flex duct is the OEM...
$ 135.00
$ 135.00

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