Vent Cap SystemsVent Cap SystemsReplacement Parts | Cords, Springs & Aluminum PlungersImage showcases a comprehensive Replacement Parts Kit for Vent Caps, complete with 10 springs, 10 custom-machined aluminum plungers, and 10 OEM nylon strings. Ideal for maintaining the durability and performance of your Vent Caps.

Replacement Parts Kit | Cords, Springs & Aluminum Plungers

Maximize the lifespan and efficiency of your Vent Caps with our comprehensive Replacement Parts Kit. Designed for easy DIY maintenance, this kit includes everything you need to refresh and repair your Vent Caps, ensuring they continue to provide top-notch performance in sealing duct systems during leakage testing. Kit Contents & Benefits OEM Nylon Cords: Includes 5 high-quality nylon cords, designed to withstand repeated use and maintain tension integrity. Stainless Steel Springs: 5 durable stainless steel springs ensure your Vent Caps' fasteners offer consistent, reliable performance. Custom Machined Aluminum Fasteners: 5 precision-machined aluminum fasteners for easy and secure cord locking. Why...
$ 60.00
$ 60.00

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