Retrotec 5210 - Dual Blower Door System

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Most flow per $

Introducing the ultimate solution for maximum airflow at an unbeatable price! Retrotec's cutting-edge system offers you the most flow for your budget. And with the addition of another single hole cloth panel, you can easily create not one but two separate US 5100 systems, doubling your ventilation capacity in an instant!

But that's not all - our large frame is equipped with 3 crossbars, providing secure support for two fans in a single doorway. Say goodbye to stuffy and stagnant air, and experience the refreshing breeze of our innovative system. Upgrade your ventilation game today!

It also includes the newly released, industry changing DM32x gauge.

Who uses it?

  • Energy Auditors, HVAC Contractors, Building Contractors & Remodelers, Home Inspectors

Why Buy This Model?

  • Test larger or leakier buildings.
  • Capable of measuring air leakage in both small to medium sized commercial or multi-family buildings
  • The included Large Aluminum Frame Cloth Door Panel accommodates those enclosures that have larger than standard doorways.


What's Included?

2 x DM32X Gauge Package

  • DM32X Gauge (Newly Released! click here for details)
  • USB-C Charging Cable
  • Cat5 Cable
  • Gauge Case
  • DM32X Magnetic Clip
  • ISO17025 calibration of DM32X
  • Gauge Calibration Verification Report

2 x 5000 Series Fan Set
Each fan set contains:

        • 5000 Series Calibrated Fan (120V/60Hz, 240V/50Hz, or 110V/50Hz)
        • Range Ring A for 5000/6000 Series Fan
        • B8 Plate for 5000/6000 Series Fan
        • 8 x 4" Blank Plugs
        • Power Cord
        • 1 x Fan Cover
        • System Calibration Verification Report

1 x Large Cloth Door Panel & Frame - Double Fan

            • Large 50" Aluminum Frame
            • Large #5 Crossbar
            • 3 x Fan Crossbar Strap for Aluminum Frame
            • Double Fan Cloth for Large 50" Aluminum Frame
            • Large Roll Up Cloth Case
            • 2 x Large #6 Crossbar

1 x Large Door Cloth

1 x Speed Control Cable - 20ft (7m) Yellow

1 x Case for System Accessories

2 x Blower Door Tubing Kit

2 x Umbilical for 1000/5000/6000 Series Fan, 7 ft (2 m)

Packages outside of North America also include:
  • System accessory case