The "20 PACK" - Vent Covers For Duct Testing

  • $ 595.00

Vent Cap Systems replace the cumbersome and expensive plastic tapes used in duct leakage testing.  Seal the entire system in 1/2 the time with a reusable, non-adhesive option that saves time and money.

Don't waste time trying to figure out with vents go to which system.  Seal them all at the same time with less hassle, no tape waste and no risk of adhesive damage.  It's like buying 3 years of tape for under $500.  Press'n Seal at a nickle a foot is thousands a year, if you're testing regularly, and it can't seal against popcorn ceilings or compress carpet.  Get better numbers on your test results and better numbers on your bottom line.  Start Making Green Faster!™

*Pole RAT™ remote attachment tool sold separately

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