The 'Tiny S' - Mini Fog Generator

  • $ 990.00

Introducing the Tiny S, the ultimate fog generator for air flow measurements and blower door testing in the field. Don't be fooled by its tiny size - it packs a punch with outstanding performance.

At just L=10.3cm x W=5.1cm x H=3.5cm and weighing only 250 grams (including battery and tank), the Tiny S is incredibly compact and easy to use. Plus, it consists of just one component - with no external cable or fluid tube necessary thanks to its innovative design.

The heart of the Tiny S is a microprocessor that controls the fog emission, allowing for precise and efficient fog generation. The compact battery screws directly into the machine and supplies energy only when necessary, greatly increasing fog time compared to other battery-powered machines.

You can trigger the Tiny S with the start button integrated into the lid of the machine or the supplied cable remote. The fluid reservoir is supplied full and ready to use with Tiny-Fluid, which ensures dense fog is produced with minimal fluid consumption.

The vaporizer can easily be changed by the user on-site and the Tiny S is supplied in a case for easy transport and storage. With its warm-up time of just one second and continuous output, the Tiny S is the ultimate fog generator for all your testing needs.

What's Included:

Tiny S - Compact Fog Machine 

  • Tiny S
  • 2 batteries with 3,7 V
  • Charger and cable
  • Cable remote incl. cable
  • 6 fluid reservoirs at 5 ml
  • Refill set
  • 250 ml Tiny-Fluid
  • Case

Technical Specifications:



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