What is a duct blaster test?

You've probably heard the term but may not know the details. . .  A Duct Blaster® is actually a registered trademark belonging to The Energy Conservatory™ for their marquee fan/manometer system, aka The Minneapolis Duct Blaster®.  The Energy Conservatory™ has been diligent, at least in my experience, to defend their trademark from "genericide", however, IMHO it's likely to go the way of Kleenex, Aspirin, Escalator - all formerly trademarked product names that became too descriptive of the product losing the owners their protections.  It's an interesting catch-22 for product manufacturers, you work to build a brand name, only to then defend it once it finally "becomes a household name."  Can you believe "Heroin" was once a trademarked product?!

The test people are actually referring to is called Duct Leakage Testing which is now mandated all across the country, in one form or another, and the backbone of any worthwhile residential energy audit.  It's the pressurized testing of a home's ducted air conditioning system for diagnostic purposes.  The average house in the US reportedly leaks 25% or more - of the air just conditioned - outside the "building envelope".  Duct Leakage Testing, and subsequent repairs, have the highest return on investment of any energy efficiency upgrade and are saving countless millions annually.


Compare to similar equipment by Retrotec, Ltd.

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Make More Room in Your Truck with Vent Caps


Vent Caps reusable air vent covers reduce the time it takes for duct leakage testing by eliminating the need to apply and remove tape and maneuver a ladder around customers’ homes. They’re also
quick and easy to use, once again saving you time and the expense of extra man hours. Last but not least, Vent Caps help reduce clutter in your work vehicle to keep your space looking organized and professional.

Increase Efficiency

The work van is more than just an engine and four tires. It’s the professional tradesperson’s portable office on wheels. Your work van or truck plays a fundamental role in your business. You rely on it to transport all of the tools, parts and equipment you need to get the job done every day. That’s why having a well-organized work vehicle is so important.

When you’re in the thick of it, it’s easy to “trash your truck” throughout the workday. You track in dirt, food wrappers get tossed on the floor, debris and trash left over from one job to the next piles up. If you’re forever looking for all the items you need to complete a job, you’ll lose valuable time and fall behind schedule. Creating a mobile storage system will help you and your crew cut time spent finding and gathering needed equipment. Vent Caps help you organize by staying put in neat stacks.

Create Some Breathing Room

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to move around in your van and locate things quickly? If you’re an energy auditor, duct tester or in any profession where duct testing is involved, there are enough unexpected events threatening your schedule and causing frustration every day without a cluttered vehicle adding to the mix. Vent Caps eliminate the need for tape rolls and bags of used tape, creating valuable space in the confines of your truck.  

Give Yourself a Break with Vent Caps

  • Eliminate the time it takes to tape before you test and to remove the tape when you’re done.
  • Stop hauling ladders into people’s homes to reach vents. Vent Caps eliminate the need for ladders and the time spent maneuvering them safely into position.
  • Save space in your vehicle by removing the need for tape and for storing bags of used tape until it’s disposed of.
  • Easily locate Vent Caps in your truck, as they stack neatly and stay where you put them.

Vent Caps help you stay efficient and organized and present a more professional image to customers, both on-site and in your work vehicle. Make things easier on yourself both on the job and in your truck with Vent Caps.

Organize your work vehicle today with the help of Vent Caps. Visit our shop to see all of our time- and money-saving products.

Duct Leakage Testing: Tape Vs. Vent Caps

Are you still using tape for your duct leakage testing? Switching to Vent Caps can save you time and money.

Using tape to seal registers is not only time consuming, but also wasteful. You also risk damaging your customer's property. With Vent Cap systems, it only takes about 20 seconds to sel a register and 10 second to unseal it.

Use the Ladder for Decorations — Not Duct Leakage Testing!

If you’ve ever put up holiday lights, you know how much of a pain wrestling with them can be while standing on an unstable ladder. In fact, it’s probably such a pain that you try to avoid pulling out the ladder every year when it comes time to decorate. Why, then, do you put yourself through the hassle of using a ladder and vent tape for all of your duct leakage testing?

Eliminate the Ladder with Vent Caps

The prep work for duct leakage testing is notoriously tedious, often involving messy vent tape and a precarious ladder. Fortunately, you can remove vent tape and ladders from the equation entirely with Vent Caps. All you have to do to cover and seal a high register is attach your Vent Cap to a Pole RAT (remote attachment tool). Raise the Vent Cap towards the register, lock it in place, and you’re done.

You’ll save time in your duct leakage testing while protecting yourself, your team, and your customer’s property in the process. Instead of ladder-related injuries and damaged property, you’ll have happier employees and customers. Now, if only there were a product as good as the Pole RAT for hanging holiday lights...

What Will Vent Caps Do for Your Business?

You know that Vent Caps eliminate the need for a ladder, keep employees safe, and protect customer property from damage; but those are just a few of the many benefits that Vent Caps can offer your business. Vent Caps also offer numerous financial benefits to contractors who regularly conduct duct leakage testing. Because Vent Caps are durable and reusable, you won’t have to continue buying endless amounts of vent tape for all of your testing.

Vent Caps also save a great deal of time, allowing you to budget your valuable time elsewhere and serve more customers. There also won’t be any lost income due to injury, and you won’t have to pay for repairs or replacements for damaged customer property. With Vent Caps, the savings really do add up quickly. And when you consider the fact that Vent Caps also look professional and ensure accuracy in every duct leakage test, making the switch to Vent Cap Systems is really a no-brainer.

Save the ladder for your holiday decorations. Switch to Vent Cap Systems so you’ll never have to stand on an unstable ladder during duct leakage testing again.

Tired of using a ladder for your duct leakage testing? Shop Vent Caps.

The Most Difficult Air Vents to Seal

Every contractor who performs duct leakage testing knows the process of sealing a supply register all too well. You start by pulling your vent tape out from the roll, taking two or three attempts to get a clean and wrinkle-free sheet. After ripping it off, you apply it to the surface of the register, hoping to get a proper seal the first time. Then you poke a hole in the tape and feed in the pressure hose, only to apply another piece of tape on top.

If you ever have to prepare a home for duct leakage testing, you know the pains of using vent tape to seal air vents. It frequently pulls paint off walls and registers, and you often need a bulky ladder to apply it in hard-to-reach areas. It’s also wasteful, with wads of tape going straight to the trash after every test. Perhaps the biggest inconvenience, however, is how time-consuming it can be to apply vent tape to less-than-ideal surfaces.

“Problem Surfaces” for Vent Tape

Tape is notoriously difficult to apply — especially on certain surfaces. Vents that are dirty, freshly painted, or covered with condensation could all be considered “problem surfaces” for vent tape.

  • Dirty Vents

Vents that are caked with dirt and grime can be especially hard to seal. A dirty surface tends to repel any sort of adhesive, and all of that dirt can be gross to be so close to.

  • Freshly Painted Vents

Freshly painted vents present another problem. Vent tape adhesive can easily pull up any paint that hasn’t fully dried, and any knick or peel will show big time.

  • Condensation Covered Vents

Many homes have “sweating ducts,” or vents that are covered in condensation. This can stem from a variety of issues, including high humidity levels and poor ductwork insulation. Whatever the cause, it’s bad news for duct leakage testing because the moisture interferes with the seal you are trying to get with vent tape.

Protect Customer Property — and Your Reputation

Looking for a vent sealing solution that works anywhere? Now you can seal air vents for energy audits and duct leakage testing with something that works on any surface. Vent Cap Systems were designed to help contractors avoid the headache associated with using vent tape. Each Vent Cap features a thick, 1/2" foam gasket that safely seals against any surface, including popcorn textured ceilings and tricky air vents. The best part? You’ll save time, and you won’t have to worry about being liable for damaging paint or wallpaper with sticky vent tape adhesive.

Don’t let vent tape hold you back in your duct testing. Find the Vent Caps right for you!

Vent Caps Savings Are All in the Unique Design

How many times has the tape you use to seal and cover vents stuck to ceiling and register paint, plaster or wallpaper? And how many times have you had to waste time peeling it off excruciatingly slowly so no damage is caused? Last, how many times has the paint peeled or paper torn in spite of your efforts?

Vent Caps are a truly revolutionary way to seal vents for duct leakage testing. They’re not only extremely efficient to use, saving you time and money, but they cut out the sticky bit that causes trouble — the tape!

How Does Vent Caps Do It?
  • No Tape, No Tearing

    Vent Caps require no tape at all. You just use the simple hook and pull system while standing on terra firma (no ladders required either!) to pop the Vent Caps into place before the test and to remove them afterward. No tape, no damage, and no mess.

  • Lean and Green Design

  • Eliminating tape makes duct testing quicker and easier. Not only is there no tape application or removal required, but there’s also no sticky ball of tape to dispose of when the job is done. Picture all the tape you’ve thrown away accumulated into one big non-biodegradable gooey pile. Now imagine never having to throw tape away again.

    Sturdy Vent Caps are completely reusable, so when there’s no tape to throw away, there’s less job waste all around for the landfills. It’s a feel-good situation for you and one your environmentally conscious customers will appreciate, too!

  • A More Efficient Operation

  • You’ll save money by not having to buy tape. And you’ll save time by not using it. Vent Caps speed up your operations, saving you thousands on man hours every year. Spend less time at each location and pass those savings—along with the energy savings your tests reveal—on to your customers.

    Don’t get stuck using tape again! Try Vent Caps for increased efficiency, greener operations and savings that add up from job to job.

    Order your Vent Caps today and start saving!

    Vent Caps vs. Tape