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What is a duct blaster test?

Sorry You've probably heard the term but. . .

Duct Blaster® is a registered trademark belonging to The Energy Conservatory™ for their marquee fan/manometer duct leakage testing system, aka The Minneapolis Duct Blaster®.

It’s likely to go the way of Kleenex, Aspirin, Escalator - all formerly trademarked product names that became synonymous with the actual product.

The test people are actually referring to is called Duct Leakage Testing which is now mandated all across the country - in one form or another - and the backbone of any worthwhile residential energy audit.  It involves the pressurized testing of a home's ducted air conditioning system for diagnostic purposes.  

The average house in the US reportedly leaks 25% or more - of the air just conditioned - outside the "building envelope".  Duct Leakage Testing, and subsequent repairs, have the highest return on investment of any energy efficiency upgrade and are saving countless millions annually.
For more information on the Minneapolis Duct Blaster® click below:

Compare to similar equipment by Retrotec, Ltd.

by clicking the image below. . .


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