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Lose the Ladder By Switching to Vent Cap Systems

Duct leakage tests and energy audits require a lot of equipment, right? But what if you could eliminate the ladder and the vent tape with one solution? It’s now possible with the simplicity of Vent Caps!

The Dangers of Duct Leakage Testing

Setting up for a duct leakage test requires positioning a ladder under every register, climbing up, and wrestling with the tape needed to seal it.

Now think about it — how many times did you knock the ladder into something at a customer’s home? Did you ever place it slightly off-kilter and take a spill? How long does take you to set up your ladder, climb up, seal the register, and climb down each and every time?

When you take a moment to think about it, you see just how much is at stake when conducting duct leakage tests with tape and ladders.

-You can damage property.

-You can easily hurt yourself.

-You waste time with setup and cleanup


So whether you’re a one-person show or leading a whole contracting company, imagine just how much you can lose by continuing to use ladders and vent tape.

Stay Safe & Save Time with Vent Cap Systems

With Vent Caps, ladders and vent tape are removed from the equation entirely. Since all you have to do with a Vent Cap is use a pole RAT (remote attachment tool) to cover and seal a register, you won’t have to waste time or endanger yourself, your team, or a homeowner’s property.

The savings from Vent Caps add up quickly. There won’t be any lost wages due to injury and you won’t have to pay for repairs or replacements for damaged property. Since Vent Caps are reusable and extremely durable, you also won’t have to continue buying endless amounts of vent tape. Finally, you’ll save time and be able to spend more time testing, instead of setting up and cleaning up.

Vent Caps — The Benefits Speak for Themselves

With how much using ladders is inevitably costing you and how much you could be saving by using Vent Cap Systems, what are you waiting for?

Ryan Marshall from Best Property Improvements in Salt Lake City, Utah found out just how invaluable Vent Caps are as soon as his company started using them. Here’s what he has to say:

“Before we got Vent Cap Systems, I don't know how we survived without them. We have done about 350 duct seals since getting them and they save us at least 30 minutes per house. That's about 175 hours of labor I didn't have to pay for. They have paid for themselves time and time again. They are easy to use, my guys don't have to carry ladders, and my "tape bill" is almost non-existent. Thanks Corey for making a great product!”

So are you also ready to lose the ladder? Vent Cap Systems makes it easy. Browse the Vent Cap solutions right for you.
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