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Retrotec's Newly Updated Design Debuts Soon

Announced back in July, Retrotec is about to start shipping their newly designed duct testers and blower doors...

What's the Difference?
The primary change surrounds the shell design. A new polycarbonate plastic mold design is now used, allowing for the DucTester legs and handle to be incorporated into the shell.
Accessory Updates
  • A new larger carrying case (TL #119) will be used for the X Series systems.
  • A Quick Connect Collar (SKU #DU373) will now be automatically included with every system that uses the X Series shell. The slightly larger shell size requires the use of a Quick Connect Collar to attach DucTesters to a flex duct, and to attach Passive House & Small Fire Systems to the blower door cloth.
Benefits to the End User:
  • The more robust legs support sturdiness & assist in tipping prevention.
  • You can now magnetically mount the DM32 gauge directly onto the DucTester for advanced maneuverability.
Color Changes
The first production run of the new DucTesters will be a Red/Black combo (as shown in the images above). However, future production runs will change to a Yellow/Black combo.
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