Tape Got You Down?

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Halloween is here.  The familiar faces of death will walk among us at cocktail parties and in our neighborhoods.  Whether it's a man/bat that will suck all life from you, or a giant monster that mauls you to pieces - they're each symbols of a particular fear.  If you're most afraid of being eaten alive, you're not going to be as afraid of Frankenstein as you would at the thought of a brain eating ghoul, or a werewolf.  Each has a different method of killing and duration of suffering.  

If Frankenstein beats you over the head?  That's it - no suffering.  

A pack of wild dogs mauls you in a forest?  Just awful. 

The things that steal the life out of your time (eg. cigarettes, lethargy, and duct masks), are the ones that scare me.  These 'Silent Killers' are like the dementors from the Harry Potter series.  They suck the joy out of you and leave you with only your worst memories.  When I saw this pumpkin's face reminded me of one of mine - walking around, in the heat of a Texas summer, with the a/c turned off, carrying a f'ing ladder around trying to tape condensation covered a/c registers for duct leakage testing.


Ok, that may not be "exactly" what my face looked like afterwards, but throw a trip into the attic along with that?  It had to be pretty close. . .   


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