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Make More Room in Your Truck with Vent Caps


Vent Caps reusable air vent covers reduce the time it takes for duct leakage testing by eliminating the need to apply and remove tape and maneuver a ladder around customers’ homes. They’re also
quick and easy to use, once again saving you time and the expense of extra man hours. Last but not least, Vent Caps help reduce clutter in your work vehicle to keep your space looking organized and professional.

Increase Efficiency

The work van is more than just an engine and four tires. It’s the professional tradesperson’s portable office on wheels. Your work van or truck plays a fundamental role in your business. You rely on it to transport all of the tools, parts and equipment you need to get the job done every day. That’s why having a well-organized work vehicle is so important.

When you’re in the thick of it, it’s easy to “trash your truck” throughout the workday. You track in dirt, food wrappers get tossed on the floor, debris and trash left over from one job to the next piles up. If you’re forever looking for all the items you need to complete a job, you’ll lose valuable time and fall behind schedule. Creating a mobile storage system will help you and your crew cut time spent finding and gathering needed equipment. Vent Caps help you organize by staying put in neat stacks.

Create Some Breathing Room

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to move around in your van and locate things quickly? If you’re an energy auditor, duct tester or in any profession where duct testing is involved, there are enough unexpected events threatening your schedule and causing frustration every day without a cluttered vehicle adding to the mix. Vent Caps eliminate the need for tape rolls and bags of used tape, creating valuable space in the confines of your truck.  

Give Yourself a Break with Vent Caps

  • Eliminate the time it takes to tape before you test and to remove the tape when you’re done.
  • Stop hauling ladders into people’s homes to reach vents. Vent Caps eliminate the need for ladders and the time spent maneuvering them safely into position.
  • Save space in your vehicle by removing the need for tape and for storing bags of used tape until it’s disposed of.
  • Easily locate Vent Caps in your truck, as they stack neatly and stay where you put them.

Vent Caps help you stay efficient and organized and present a more professional image to customers, both on-site and in your work vehicle. Make things easier on yourself both on the job and in your truck with Vent Caps.

Organize your work vehicle today with the help of Vent Caps. Visit our shop to see all of our time- and money-saving products.

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