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How to Start Making Green Faster Today

You’re out putting in the hours, working hard and “making green” every day. You aim for efficiency, but no matter how organized you are, there are some days when you run into obstacles around every corner―whether it’s the weather, engine trouble or forgetful customers.

With Vent Caps, at least one thing is quick and easy for you no matter what else the day brings. We’ve revolutionized duct leakage testing to save you money and time. And as an added bonus, Vent Caps lets you shrink your impact on the environment while you’re at it.

Save Money & Go Green with Vent Cap Systems

Still using tape and ladders for duct leakage tests? If so, it’s time to make a change. Vent Caps not only make your job easier and safer, but they’re also economical and environmentally friendly.

  • Stop Wasting Money on Tape

Vent Caps are reusable air vent covers that go up without tape, and come down easily when the test is over. The simple hook and pull system seals securely in seconds to any surface. Stop spending money on carton after carton of tape you can use only once and invest in durable Vent Caps that last for years.

  • Increase Productivity

Imagine the efficiency: no taping before the job, no tedious tape removal afterward. Think of the man hours and money saved (not to mention the frustration) by eliminating tape. Finish one job and move on to the next more quickly, see more customers, get more done with Vent Caps.

  • Leave Your Ladder in the Truck

With the Vent Caps Pole RAT, you can reach vents from the floor. So there’s no need to climb and reach, and no need to carry and position a bulky ladder in customers’ homes.

  • Take Fewer Risks & Present a More Professional Front

You know that sinking feeling when paint or wallpaper pulls off with the tape? Or when a ladder bumps a doorway or a piece of furniture?

With Vent Caps, the risk of damaging a customer’s home or belongings is virtually eliminated (along with the cost to repair it). And the risk of a misstep or falling from your ladder is gone, too. Look as smooth as the work goes when you use Vent Caps instead of tape.

  • Give the Environment a Break

How many bags of sticky balls of tape do you throw away in a week? How long do those non-degradable bags of tape sit in landfills?

Stop the waste. Get rid of the tape and the bags. Make room in your truck and reduce your impact on the environment with Vent Caps.

Too Good to Be True?

Vent Caps were invented to solve exactly those difficulties that make you sweat, curse and want to pull your hair out―because I was doing it, too.

To make sure you love them, Vent Caps come with a full one-year warranty and a 30-day money back guarantee. Read these testimonials and see why once you try Vent Caps, you won’t ever go back to tape.

Ditch the tape and start making green faster with Vent Caps. Check out our full line of products.

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