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How Much Can You Save with Vent Caps?

Most contractors and energy assessors are familiar with the pains of using vent tape for duct leakage testing. To seal a register, you start by pulling your vent tape out from the roll, taking maybe two or three attempts to get a wrinkle-free sheet. Then you apply the tape to the surface of the register, hoping to get a proper seal the first time around. Then you have to poke a hole through the tape for the pressure hose, only to apply another piece of tape on top. Ceiling vents are an even bigger nuisance.

If you’re still relying on vent tape for all of your testing needs, it’s time to reconsider your approach. Switching to reusable Vent Caps to seal registers will offer impressive savings in both time and money in your duct leakage testing.

Tape Is Expensive

Tape may seem like a relatively inexpensive solution for your duct leakage testing, but the cost of using tape can add up when you’re going through roll after roll. If you have three to five trucks and you’re performing energy audits regularly, you’re spending $12,000 to $15,000 a year on tape. That’s $15,000 a year, every year. Rather than repeatedly throwing away the money you spend on duct leakage testing equipment, it makes sense to invest in something you can buy once and use over and over again.

Vent Caps Can Be Used Again & Again

Enter: Vent Caps. Vent Caps represent the ultimate solution for wasteful and expensive tape. Simply get the right set of Vent Caps for your needs, along with a Pole RAT for ceiling registers, and use your Vent Caps test after test, again and again. What was once an ongoing expense has suddenly become a thing of the past!

Save Time with Vent Caps

Vent Caps not only eliminate the heavy cost of duct mask but also save you time in your duct leakage testing. Sealing a register takes only 20 seconds, and unsealing a register takes only 10. You duct leakage testing will take remarkably less time, giving you time to serve more customers and earn more money for your business. So in addition to all of the money you’re saving by switching to reusable Vent Caps, you’re also earning money with all of the time you save.

Switch to Vent Cap Systems & Save

How much will you save when you switch to Vent Caps for your business? In addition to saving thousands of dollars every year on duct leakage testing equipment, you can expect to save your employees hours upon hours of time in their testing. And because time is money, that means more testing and more profits for your business.

Switch to Vent Caps today and save. Shop Vent Caps Systems today to find the perfect solution for your business!

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