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Meet Industry Standards with Vent Caps

Conducting duct leakage tests requires a tight seal on every register. Previously this was only possible with vent tape, but now there’s a better solution — one that’s been approved by BPI: Vent Caps.

Building Performance Institute Seal of Approval

For over 20 years, contractors have trusted the Building Performance Institute to set the highest industry standards for energy efficiency diagnostics and installations. In order to help contractors get the best results and enforce industry regulations, the BPI Product Listing Program now identifies the products, tools, and materials that are the most effective. The rigorous quality assurance process ensures only the best products receive the coveted seal of approval.

bpi certified Vent Cap

I submitted Vent Caps for approval and was accepted as a BPI Listed Product in July 2016. This recognition as a time- and cost-saving product that meets industry standards has already helped contractors across the country make their duct and envelope tightness (DET) and duct leakage testing even easier.

The BPI Listed Product Approval Process

The process I followed to receive the Building Performance Institute seal of approval for Vent Cap Systems included sending an application with various forms of lab tests and proof that Vent Caps complied with industry standard and testing requirements. Then, I worked with a BPI Client Relations Representative while the effectiveness of Vent Caps was tested and reviewed. Finally, once Vent Caps were proven to be an extremely effective product that BPI would be happy to recommend to contractors for duct leakage testing, I finally received the Product Listing.

Leave the Past of Duct Leakage Tests Behind with Vent Caps

If you’re performing duct leakage tests, you must be certified by the Building Performance Institute. So why would you keep using the old way — vent tape and ladders — if BPI has already put their stamp of approval on Vent Caps?

By using Vent Caps, you’ll not only save time, but you’ll also save money and avoid contributing to waste with nonreusable tape. You won’t have to climb unsteady ladders and risk damaging walls or ceilings. Vent Caps are reusable and durable, with an effective seal that doesn’t damage surfaces. Since you can use a pole RAT (remote attachment tool), you won’t have to climb a ladder and sealing and unsealing a register only takes a total of 30 seconds!

So if you haven’t tried Vent Cap Systems yet, there’s never been a better time to finally get up to industry standards. With the full one-year warranty and 30-day money back guarantee, you have absolutely nothing to lose!

Ready to leave the tape behind for the new BPI industry standard: Vent Caps? Browse the solutions right for you.
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