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Retrotec Price Increase

Price Increase ImageIt's been a few years since the prices have changed on Retrotec's Duct Testers and Blower Doors, but as of Dec 1, 2018 the prices have gone up.  As of December 1st the price of a US340 Duct Tester is now $2,795 (compare to the Minneapolis Duct Blaster® at $2,730) and the price of a US5100 Blower Door is $3,495 (compare to Minneapolis Blower Door at $3,460).

While this is a pretty significant price increase, it only brings them slightly above The Energy Conservatory's pricing structure, and probably accommodates increased costs due to recent tariffs.  In addition they no longer offer a WiFi-free gauge option with the DM32 Digital Gauges, essentially reducing your number of buying choices by 50%.  Will the prices of TEC's products be next?


Offset those price increases, when you purchase a US5100 and a Big Daddy together.  Add both to your cart and it'll instantly give you 50% off your Big Daddy!  Altogether, you'll receive a Total Home Pack, 5 Larges, 5 Pole RATs, a Return Air System, and the blower door system complete with 5000 series fan, a WiFi DM32 Dual Channel Digital Gauge, and even a free roll of Duct Mask!

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