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Safe Employees Are Happy Employees

They say that good help is hard to find. So when you find outstanding employees, you do everything you can to keep them happy and safe. That way they’ll be around for the long haul, and you’ll save yourself the disruption and added costs associated with injuries and high employee turnover.

Recognize the Hidden Hazards


It’s easy to forget that ladders are, in fact, tools. Workers don’t often think of them as such, but it’s true. And just like the saws, drivers and drills found on most construction sites, they can hurt as much as they can help.

According to a recent study conducted by the CDC, among construction workers, 81% of all fall injuries involve a ladder. And that’s across all the trades, which includes a huge swath of specialized workers who never set foot on a ladder. Realistically, the incidence of workplace injury on sites involving a ladder is even higher.

In the home energy efficiency sector, ladders aren’t just a commonly used tool--they might even be the most frequently used tool that most contractors carry in their trucks. That’s especially true for vent duct testers and energy auditors, who deal with hard-to-reach registers all day long. Odds are, if you work in this industry you live on a ladder.

Innovation Saves the Day

Vent Cap Systems’ innovative self-sealing, reusable Vent Caps make ladders obsolete. The Pole RAT (Remote Attachment Tool) screws onto the tip of any standard painter’s pole, allowing you and your employees to access registers safely and comfortably.

Attaching a Vent Cap is as easy as raising the hook to the register and then twisting the pole RAT 90 degrees to secure it to the faceplate. Then simply snap the Vent Cap to the pole RAT and use the cord to guide it into alignment with the register. Once it’s flush with the ceiling, moving the pole in a slight rocking motion (maintaining tension on the cord) creates the seal needed to keep it in place.

All of this can be achieved in a matter of just 20 seconds--no ladders or sticky, messy vent tape required.

Ladder Free: The Way to Be

While we all recognize the dangers associated with climbing ladders--tipping, slips, falls and even repetitive stress injuries associated with over-use of knees, ankles and hips--there are other benefits to going ladder-free. The perk your employees might notice the most is less stress.

Carrying heavier ladders through clients’ homes and rearranging their furniture to access registers is more than another potential source of injury. It’s also no fun. Removing that kind of consideration from your employees’ routine can make them happier and more productive, which pays dividends and keep them around.

Invest in Ladder-Free Employee Satisfaction With Innovative Vent Caps

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